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Mini-Review: Saal Digital Photog Books Offer Quality at Modest Price Points

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Saal Digital 1

In a competitive and saturated photo book market, Saal Digital offers photographers and serious amateurs yet another quality option to consider.  Last month Saal Digital offered me a “discount coupon” to try one of their photo book options.  Typically, I have relied on higher quality book makers such as GraphiStudio based in Italy—and at commensurately higher prices as well.  But sometimes the most expensive offerings are not the best for all photo projects. Enter Saal Digital, offering a good quality product at modest pricing.

Saal Digital 2

Photo books are offered in square and rectangular formats, lay flat binding, a selection of photo and matte papers, and various cover options.  Books may be between 26 to 120 pages in length. Print quality is quite good for the price point and certainly much better than typical consumer grade offerings.

But the biggest attraction to Saal Digital is actually their website online ordering capability.  Kudos here to Saal Digital. The online process is exceptionally easy to use, select options, and create photo books.  I was amazed at the simplicity of the online software to create a photo book “automatically” with images that were simply (and quickly) uploaded from my computer.  Obviously, personal tastes vary and are subjective, and other design options will obviously produce even higher quality layouts.  Need a quick photo book? It’s hard to beat Saal-Digital’s automatic software option.

Saal Digital offers professionals and discerning consumers a good quality photo book option at a competitive price point.  You can get more information and order photobooks at

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–Ken Doo


Gone Fishing–with the Brown Bears in Alaska!

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In August I returned to Alaska for the the second time to photograph the brown bears (Grizzly bears).  This time, I brought my nine-year old son, Nicholas.  We were both excited to go on this trip together, me armed with a new Canon 1Ds Mark III and Nicholas with his Canon G-9 with some really fun video capabilities.  We flew to Anchorage and drove the rest of the way to Homer, and stayed at Land’s End at the end of the Homer Spit.  The weather had been quite cool and overcast in Homer, and I was worried about weather conditions. However, during our week long stay, we were blessed with great weather—which promptly returned to cool rain and overcast when we left!  Although the landscape opportunities were good, we had come to see the bears of the Katmai Peninsula!

That’s “Blondie” in front of the Three Bears.  At least that’s what we called her.  We got some fantastic images of the bears fishing and were able to view the bears up close.

The Three Bears. ©2008 Ken Doo Photography http://www.houseoflandscapes.comAlaskan Grizzly. ©2008 Ken Doo Photography http://www.houseoflandscapes.comBlondie fishing grizzly style. ©2008 Ken Doo Photography

Blondie did not have the best skills fishing for salmon, but she sure tried hard, and looked good for the camera!

Most bears had perfected their fishing skills; one bear found it easier just to steal the other bear’s fresh catch like a bully stealing lunch money at school.  Nicholas caught the bully chasing his “lunch” on this video:

Wonderful wildlife. Great scenery. Good food. Good company.  We’ll be back. 

Grizzly Bear Dash. ©2008 Ken Doo Photography. “Bears of the Katmai” prints available.

More bears at my landscape website,

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