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Traeger in the House: Bbq Just Got Serious

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I love food.  And with some apologies to my vegan friends (ok, not really), I like meat.  And one of my favorite ways to cook meat is barbeque.  Real bbq.  No stinkin’ propane gas.  Real fire, the type that men and pre-pubescent boys can revel in.  (ok, not really).  But yes, real barbeque to me does mean cooking with fire, whether with charcoal or wood.  And Traeger Barbeques has made it easy, marrying the taste of real wood-burning barbeque with the ease of a knob. 

Traeger Wood Pellet Burning Barbeque

The Traeger Barbeque comes in several sizes, but all operate similarly with a hopper that feeds wood pellets into a fire-pot at the bottom of the barbeque.  The bbq uses wood pellets specifically made for barbeque in a variety of different hardwoods, such as hickory, mesquite, and fruit woods.  A thermostat easily adjusts the temperature making perfectly smoked meats child’s fare.

Baby back ribs and baked potatoes on the side

Traeger Barbeques are often used in barbeque competitions.  It took me about a year to perfect my baby back rib recipe, and the Traeger simply makes it easier.  And yup, you guessed it, coming full circle back to Pigs in a Blanket and medium format digital photography.  You can count on the Traeger being part of an upcoming Wine, Dine, and Swine —a medium format digital landscape workshop.  No joke!  ; )  ken

p.s  My version/recipe of chinese bbq pork or char siu is here CHINESE BBQ PORK. (And no, that’s not my baby back rib recipe)

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