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9th Annual Capture Integration in Carmel (Pigs) March 1-4, 2018

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_DSF0044 CI in Carmel WEBCapture Integration returns to Carmel for its 9th year.  Not really a workshop-workshop. Camaraderie, great food, and the best in medium format digital photography, while photographing some of the most scenic iconic areas on the central coast of California. Phase One’s David Grover will be flying in from the UK to teach the Capture One Pro 11 class. There is always something new every year!  Space is limited.  Registration is open online at

_DSF0037 WEB

Questions? Contact Capture Integration in Atlanta or Ken Doo.  See you in March!

Capture Integration in Carmel—On the Road to Lake Tahoe!

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Lake Tahoe ©2015 Ken Doo Photography

Lake Tahoe ©2015 Ken Doo Photography. Cambo WRS, Phase IQ180, Rodenstock HR40

Last year marked the fifth annual Capture Integration in Carmel, an informal workshop led by Don Libby of Iron Creek Photography in Tucson, AZ, and me–Ken Doo Photography, featuring the finest in medium format digital photography. After much discussion with Don and Dave Gallagher of Capture Integration, we decided to take the show on the road.  This year’s event takes place in beautiful Lake Tahoe. We’ve already made a couple trips scouting the area for suitable locations, restaurants, and activities. The sixth year promises not to disappoint!  Photographers interested medium format digital photography can sign-up for the “Don, Ken, and CI in Lake Tahoe Not a Workshop Workshop” online. Registration is $349.00.  The online pdf itinerary gives a brief overview and will be updated shortly.  Contact me at my boutique portrait studio in Carmel or call (831) 626-1844 for questions. Ken

Capture Integration Returns to Carmel 2014!

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Sunset on Weston Beach, Point Lobos. ©2013 Ken Doo. Cambo WRS, HR40 t/s, Phase IQ180

Sunset on Weston Beach, Point Lobos. ©2013 Ken Doo. Cambo WRS, HR40 t/s, Phase IQ180

It’s back—again!  Capture Integration is returning to Carmel, CA for its fifth medium format digital workshop. Capture Integration from Atlanta, Georgia is a leading dealer of exclusive photography equipment, specializing in medium format digital cameras and backs.  This definitely isn’t your normal photography workshop.  Don Libby of Iron Creek Photography in Tucson, AZ and I have been co-hosting this event for five years now.  CI in Carmel is an informal workshop that has grown in popularity, selling out in less than two weeks last year.

Garrapata Sea Stacks printed in B&W on the studio's specially converted K7 B&W Piezography printer. ©2013 Ken Doo. Cambo WRS, Rodenstock HR40 t/s, Phase IQ180

Garrapata Sea Stacks printed in B&W on the studio’s specially converted K7 B&W Piezography printer. ©2013 Ken Doo. Cambo WRS, Rodenstock HR40 t/s, Phase One IQ180 medium format digital back.

This year’s event will include a tour of the Really Right Stuff facilities, a Capture One Pro 7/8 class, B&W K7 Piezography printing, and of course, world-class barbequed (famous in my own mind) babyback ribs smoked on a Traeger. The workshop focuses on landscape photography along the central coast. Although the event is weighted towards technical cameras including Alpa, Arca, Cambo and high resolution medium format digital backs, you can expect appearances from the Phase DF, Leica S2, and Hasselbald cameras as well. I expect to see the new Alpa FPS, Phase One IQ260 Achromatic, and new lens offerings as well.  CI in Carmel is scheduled for February 21-23, 2014.  Registration is online through Capture Integration in Atlanta, and the current itinerary. Capture One Pro 7/8 class, barbeque lunch, and B&W K7 print included.  For more information, please contact me at my boutique portrait photography studio in Carmel, CA.  Ken (831) 626-1844.

Traeger in the House: Bbq Just Got Serious

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I love food.  And with some apologies to my vegan friends (ok, not really), I like meat.  And one of my favorite ways to cook meat is barbeque.  Real bbq.  No stinkin’ propane gas.  Real fire, the type that men and pre-pubescent boys can revel in.  (ok, not really).  But yes, real barbeque to me does mean cooking with fire, whether with charcoal or wood.  And Traeger Barbeques has made it easy, marrying the taste of real wood-burning barbeque with the ease of a knob. 

Traeger Wood Pellet Burning Barbeque

The Traeger Barbeque comes in several sizes, but all operate similarly with a hopper that feeds wood pellets into a fire-pot at the bottom of the barbeque.  The bbq uses wood pellets specifically made for barbeque in a variety of different hardwoods, such as hickory, mesquite, and fruit woods.  A thermostat easily adjusts the temperature making perfectly smoked meats child’s fare.

Baby back ribs and baked potatoes on the side

Traeger Barbeques are often used in barbeque competitions.  It took me about a year to perfect my baby back rib recipe, and the Traeger simply makes it easier.  And yup, you guessed it, coming full circle back to Pigs in a Blanket and medium format digital photography.  You can count on the Traeger being part of an upcoming Wine, Dine, and Swine —a medium format digital landscape workshop.  No joke!  ; )  ken

p.s  My version/recipe of chinese bbq pork or char siu is here CHINESE BBQ PORK. (And no, that’s not my baby back rib recipe)

Capture Integration – PIAB 2011 in Carmel

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CI in Carmel; Pigs in a Blanket at the Wagon Wheel

Well, last week the weather just sucked.  Constant rain showers thwarted any thoughts of landscape photography on the central coast of California.   And though we were well aware of the conditions, Dave Gallagher of Capture Integration in Atlanta, GA still remained committed to sending Doug Peterson, head of technical services for CI, to my boutique photography studio in Carmel to teach a class on Phase One’s Capture One Pro 6.  Don Libby of Ironcreek Photography in Tucson, AZ and I keep waivering about taking Pigs in a Blanket on the road, and so far we have committed to keeping any Pigs’ photography excursions light-hearted and fun medium format digital photography endeavors regardless of location. [The genesis of PIAB started in 2009 at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Carmel Valley, CA. You can find out more about the beginnings of “Pigs” or “PIAB” in earlier installments on my blog. Doug Peterson of Capture Integration was finally initiated into PIAB and was kept very busy.  Some would say he was really tied up at times.  Doug gave a great class on C1Pro 6, showing the power of the latest version of Phase One’s raw image file processor.

Doug Peterson leads instruction on the new features of Capture One Pro 6

Unofficial and Unauthorized CI mascots Donna and Kenna on the new Phase One IQ series digital backs

Although PIAB is light-hearted and fun, it’s also about serious photography at a different level that only medium format digital can provide.  And it is in that same vein of excellence that I have chosen Capture Integration (CI) to be my medium format dealer.  CI helped me transitioned from the Phase P30, P45+, and P65+.   I wait patiently for the official release of the incredible Phase One IQ180.  CI is consistent with top-notch customer service and attention to details.  It came as no surprise to me that Dave Gallagher’s Capture Integration was again recognized as Phase One’s Dealer of the Year.  CI also carries many other product lines, and CI is also my preferred supplier for all my Canon DSLR equipment.  The second-half of PIAB 2011 will follow in Monument Valley, Hunt’s Mesa, and Page, AZ.   Future PIAB endeavors may include Wine, Dine & Schwein with landscape photography in Napa Valley.  And CI of course! 

I’ve chosen to use medium format digital for much of my portrait and commercial photography simply for the unsurpassed quality that it provides my clients.  You can see some of my medium format digital landscape work at    ken (831) 626-1844

Capture Integration Returns to Carmel – Pigs in a Blanket!

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Capture Integration will be returning to Carmel February 19, 2011 for Pigs in a Blanket.  Doug Peterson will be teaching a Capture One Pro 6 class at my boutique portrait studio in Carmel.  Depending on the weather, we may try and venture out to photograph the local area sites, followed by breakfast at the Wagon Wheel.  Pigs in a Blanket optional!  As may be expected, there will be a lot of the latest medium format digital equipment to see and try.  Call (831) 626-1844 for more information.  ken

Capture Integration in Carmel – 2d Annual Pigs in a Blanket Workshop Brings the Latest Medium Format Digital Equipment to the Central Coast

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Last week, Don Libby of Iron Creek Photography in Tucson, AZ and Ken Doo Photography of Carmel, CA co-hosted the 2nd Annual Capture Integration in Carmel medium format digital workshop.  Capture Integration in Atlanta, GA and Miami, FL is a Phase One Dealer of the Year, and is widely known for its customer service and knowledgeable staff.  Stemming from its previous year’s activities, the informal and light-hearted workshop is also known as the 2nd Annual Pigs in a Blanket, where unbeknownst to most participants, last year Don Libby ordered everyone Pigs in a Blanket for breakfast at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Carmel Valley.  And a monster was born.

Sutro Baths, San Francisco.

The workshop is primarily for those interested in medium format digital photography.  Participants are able to use the latest technology, such as the Leica S2, Leica M9, Cambo RS, Phase One P65+, P40+ and P45+ digital backs, and a host of the latest lenses from Rodenstock and Schneider, all of which were graciously provided by Dave Gallagher of Capture Integration (CI).   Although the focus of CI in Carmel is on landscape photography, many of those attending are also photographers that work in other fields, such as weddings, portraiture, commercial, and fine art—those that demand the finest in image quality for their clients.

Dave Gallagher of Capture Integration sets up a Cambo RS with Rodenstock 40mm Digiron and Phase One medium format digital back

John Muir Redwoods: Rafa, Dave, Don, Mariah, Phil, Christine, Kristen and Ken (just missed Gary and Chester!)

Dave Gallagher reviews images taken with the new Leica S2 and 70mm lens with Mariah, while Rafa and Phil look on.

 The itinerary this year started at the historic Sutro Baths in San Francisco.  Not entirely planned (but consistent with how we roll), we then headed across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Muir Woods National Monument.  By the way, all of the images on this blog post were taken with a Panasonic GF1 camera (more on this great little camera later).  I’ll post of a few of my landscape images taken with the Phase 645AF and Phase One P65+ medium format digital back in part two of this series.  We ended the first day’s activities with a tour of Alcatraz at Night.

Alcatraz at Night

Me & Don. That's Don with the new Leica M9.

The workshop then headed down the coast back to locations in Carmel, Monterey, and Big Sur.   On Saturday, Dave Gallagher taught an incredible two hour class on the new Capture One Pro 5 raw processing software.  Don and I both noted that it is this type of customer service and support that makes Capture Integration such a formidable photography dealer.  I know that my boutique studio in Carmel can depend on Capture Integration for all my Canon DSLR and Phase One medium format digital needs.

Photographing Garrapata

Don and Dave work with Gary on the Cambo RS

Kristen works the Carmel Mission.

Gary and Rafa at the Mission

Chester Ng tries his hand at with the new Leica S2 and 70mm lens

Dave Gallagher teaches a C1 Pro 5 class; Dave really enjoyed using my Dell PC workstation...

A ten foot projection screen in studio made it easy to follow Dave's Capture one Pro 5 class.

Happier than Pigs in a Blanket---Breakfast at The Wagon Wheel in Carmel Valley. How many orders of Pigs in a Blanket? That's no typo...

Don and I were really happy with the outcome and we learned alot.  We’re already talking about future Pigs in a Blanket workshops… Stay tuned!  ; )  I hope to post a few landscape images taken with my Phase 645AF and Phase One P65+ digital back in the next blog installation.  And a big thank you to Dave and Christine Gallagher from Capture Integration!  Without Christine, we would never have known how sharp that Leica 70mm lens really is….   ; )

For more information (including future Pigs in a Blanket excursions) contact me at my boutique studio in Carmel at (831) 626-1844.  Ken Doo Photography.

My landscape work can be seen at:

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