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Capture Integration Returns to Carmel – Pigs in a Blanket!

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Capture Integration will be returning to Carmel February 19, 2011 for Pigs in a Blanket.  Doug Peterson will be teaching a Capture One Pro 6 class at my boutique portrait studio in Carmel.  Depending on the weather, we may try and venture out to photograph the local area sites, followed by breakfast at the Wagon Wheel.  Pigs in a Blanket optional!  As may be expected, there will be a lot of the latest medium format digital equipment to see and try.  Call (831) 626-1844 for more information.  ken

PhotoMedia Interviews Ken Doo Photography on the Medium Format Digital Advantage

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A few months back I was contacted by James Martin, a professional photographer and reporter for PhotoMedia Magazine.  Jim is a talented photographer and experienced with medium format digital photography as well.  PhotoMedia had asked Jim to write an article documenting the resurgence in interest in medium format digital photography.  Consequently, Jim spoke with me and a few other authorities in the field.   You can read the online version of the article at .  There are actually two articles,” The Return of the Medium Format Carmera” and “Medium Format Advances.”  This issue of PhotoMedia will remain on newstands until February 2011.  

This family portrait on the beach in Carmel became a gorgeous 30x40 museum gallery wrapped canvas. Medium format digital produces a visible difference. Phase One 645DF, Phase One P65+ digital back, Mamiya 150mm D. ©2010 Ken Doo Photography

There has always been a image quality difference between 35mm and medium format.  In the days of film, the larger real estate offered by medium format offered much high quality portraits, albeit at a slower pace than its faster and more nimble 35mm cousin.  Although medium format film processing was more expensive,  a medium format film body was not much more expensive than a professional 35mm film body.  It actually was pretty nominal.   Enter the era of digital:  35mm based DSLRs offer much higher performance than their predecessors, and though may be considered costly, not nearly at the sometimes stratospheric level of initial investment as a new medium format digital back.   The difference in initial investment between the two formats is no longer even close, with some medium format digital backs eclipsing the $40K mark. This is a substantial premium considering that even top DSLR bodies are currently in the $8K range.  One thing certainly has not changed:  bigger is better.  And the larger real estate of a medium format sensor simply offers better image quality. The difficulties in producing large sensors (up to 2.5 times the size of a full-frame DSLR sensor) has made the initial price of entry into medium format digital expensive.   Despite the recent recession, medium format digital industry leaders Phase One (Mamiya/Leaf) and Hasselblad continue to thrive offering systems costing many many times as much as a well-equipped DSLR system.  Even venerable Leica and Pentax have entered the medium format digital field.

Red Reeds in Yosemite. Phase One 645AF, Phase One P65+, Mamiya 35mm. More landscapes images by Ken Doo may be viewed at

Serious artists and professional photographers undertake photographic assignments for clients prepared to offer and deliver more than what is needed with hard-work, equipment, skill, and experience.  They promise to deliver more than what the client expects.  There is no doubt that a photographer can shoot with less, but the nature of the field and competition demands that professionals offer clients more.  For a client’s special day, event, or business endeavor, there is too much at stake to risk using anything but the best and most reliable photography equipment.  Simply stated, Medium Format Digital delivers.

Forbidden Rock by glass artist Becky Alexander. Phase One P30 MDFB. Ken Doo Photography.

I still use Canon DSLRs where I find they may be more aptly suited.  But in terms of photographic enjoyment, nothing satisfies me more than working with medium format cameras.  Although the initial investment is high, the cost over time negates the overall costs of photographing with medium format digital equipment.  It is not unusual for DSLR users to upgrade their camera bodies every 1-2 years, whereas even older generation medium format digital backs continue to produce astounding image quality and provide much more latitude for pushing, pulling, and retouching.  Blasphemy?  Hardly.  In truth, the only real significant change has been better performing camera bodies.  In terms of image quality, sensor size is just like the old days of film:  bigger is better.   I am passionate about my photography and enjoy offering my clients what I truly believe to be the very best through medium format digital photography.  Visit my boutique studio in Carmel to see the difference!

For more information on medium format digital, portraiture, weddings, and commercial photography, contact the photography studio in Carmel at (831) 626-1844.  ken

Capture Integration in Carmel – 2d Annual Pigs in a Blanket Workshop Brings the Latest Medium Format Digital Equipment to the Central Coast

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Last week, Don Libby of Iron Creek Photography in Tucson, AZ and Ken Doo Photography of Carmel, CA co-hosted the 2nd Annual Capture Integration in Carmel medium format digital workshop.  Capture Integration in Atlanta, GA and Miami, FL is a Phase One Dealer of the Year, and is widely known for its customer service and knowledgeable staff.  Stemming from its previous year’s activities, the informal and light-hearted workshop is also known as the 2nd Annual Pigs in a Blanket, where unbeknownst to most participants, last year Don Libby ordered everyone Pigs in a Blanket for breakfast at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Carmel Valley.  And a monster was born.

Sutro Baths, San Francisco.

The workshop is primarily for those interested in medium format digital photography.  Participants are able to use the latest technology, such as the Leica S2, Leica M9, Cambo RS, Phase One P65+, P40+ and P45+ digital backs, and a host of the latest lenses from Rodenstock and Schneider, all of which were graciously provided by Dave Gallagher of Capture Integration (CI).   Although the focus of CI in Carmel is on landscape photography, many of those attending are also photographers that work in other fields, such as weddings, portraiture, commercial, and fine art—those that demand the finest in image quality for their clients.

Dave Gallagher of Capture Integration sets up a Cambo RS with Rodenstock 40mm Digiron and Phase One medium format digital back

John Muir Redwoods: Rafa, Dave, Don, Mariah, Phil, Christine, Kristen and Ken (just missed Gary and Chester!)

Dave Gallagher reviews images taken with the new Leica S2 and 70mm lens with Mariah, while Rafa and Phil look on.

 The itinerary this year started at the historic Sutro Baths in San Francisco.  Not entirely planned (but consistent with how we roll), we then headed across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Muir Woods National Monument.  By the way, all of the images on this blog post were taken with a Panasonic GF1 camera (more on this great little camera later).  I’ll post of a few of my landscape images taken with the Phase 645AF and Phase One P65+ medium format digital back in part two of this series.  We ended the first day’s activities with a tour of Alcatraz at Night.

Alcatraz at Night

Me & Don. That's Don with the new Leica M9.

The workshop then headed down the coast back to locations in Carmel, Monterey, and Big Sur.   On Saturday, Dave Gallagher taught an incredible two hour class on the new Capture One Pro 5 raw processing software.  Don and I both noted that it is this type of customer service and support that makes Capture Integration such a formidable photography dealer.  I know that my boutique studio in Carmel can depend on Capture Integration for all my Canon DSLR and Phase One medium format digital needs.

Photographing Garrapata

Don and Dave work with Gary on the Cambo RS

Kristen works the Carmel Mission.

Gary and Rafa at the Mission

Chester Ng tries his hand at with the new Leica S2 and 70mm lens

Dave Gallagher teaches a C1 Pro 5 class; Dave really enjoyed using my Dell PC workstation...

A ten foot projection screen in studio made it easy to follow Dave's Capture one Pro 5 class.

Happier than Pigs in a Blanket---Breakfast at The Wagon Wheel in Carmel Valley. How many orders of Pigs in a Blanket? That's no typo...

Don and I were really happy with the outcome and we learned alot.  We’re already talking about future Pigs in a Blanket workshops… Stay tuned!  ; )  I hope to post a few landscape images taken with my Phase 645AF and Phase One P65+ digital back in the next blog installation.  And a big thank you to Dave and Christine Gallagher from Capture Integration!  Without Christine, we would never have known how sharp that Leica 70mm lens really is….   ; )

For more information (including future Pigs in a Blanket excursions) contact me at my boutique studio in Carmel at (831) 626-1844.  Ken Doo Photography.

My landscape work can be seen at:

Capture Integration Returns to Carmel – Pigs in a Blanket is Back!

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Pigs in a Blanket at the Wagon Wheel for breakfast mark this light-hearted weekend for serious medium format digital photographers

It’s back!  Phase One Dealer of the Year, Capture Integration from Atlanta and Miami is returning to Carmel February 18-21, 2010.  Owner Dave Gallagher is heading the entourage, co-sponsored by my good friend, Don Libby of Iron Creek Photography from Tucson, Arizona and Ken Doo Photography in Carmel, California.  Similar to last year’s event, CI in Carmel is not a typical photography workshop.  It is geared more towards landscape photography and having fun–without adult supervision!  The focus is on the best of the best in digital photography and primarily medium format digital camera equipment.  This year, CI in Carmel will feature the new Leica S2, Leica M9, Phase One P65+, P45+, P40+, Schneider 80mm leaf shutter, Rodenstock Digiron 40mm t/s for Cambo RS, among others.

A few photographers from last year's CI in Carmel at Pfeiffer Beach. Yes, Don Libby is that tall...

Having the right medium format dealer is extremely important to a professional photographer.  Over the years, Capture Integration has always provided me with the best continuing support.  I know that I can always depend on Dave Gallagher and the rest of the CI family for all of my professional equipment needs and questions.  Medium format digital has helped me to offer my portrait and commercial clients the very best available in image quality.  Those seriously interested in medium format digital photography and getting some Pigs in a Blanket can call me at my boutique studio in Carmel at (831) 626-1844.  kmd.

Happy Holidays from Carmel

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Happy Holidays! Phase 645AF, Phase One P65+; Phase 80mm D series

Working with animals or photographing pets can be challenging, but they are always welcomed to be included in a family portrait or maybe their own portrait session!  Duffy is my loving bull terrier and enjoys modeling in my boutique studio in Carmel.  I can always depend on Duffy to add a bit of humor into every photography session. 

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season! 


For more information on family portraiture or pet portraiture, contact me at the studio at (831) 626-1844.

Breathing Color to Release Glamour III Varnish

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Breathing Color's new Glamour III Satin finish is still in beta testing
Breathing Color’s new Glamour III Satin finish is still in beta testing

Breathing Color will be releasing its new Glamour III varnish coating for canvas soon.  Fans of the original highly touted Glamour II varnish need not worry, as Glamour III is not intended as a replacement product.  Glamour III will be offered in three finishes: matte, satin, and glossy.  Interestingly enough, I have been told by Breathing Color that the glossy finish is supposed to have a higher gloss than the Glamour II gloss, which has more of a gentle gloss. 

Glamour III is intended to be applied directly from the container by roller or HVLP spray gun without dilution.  Glamour II requires dilution with water.  Glamour III is aimed at professional printers who do not coat canvasses often or those seeking to simplify the varnish coating process.
Breathing Color has asked me to help beta test the Glamour III satin finish.  As soon as the dust settles in the studio’s new showroom (more on this later!) I look forward to trying the new Glamour III satin on Breathing Color’s Chromata White canvas and their new Lyve Canvas as well.  Keep an eye out here for more details soon!
For more information on fine portraiture on museum gallery wrapped canvas or fine art giclee print reproduction for artists and photographers, you may contact me at my boutique studio in Carmel, CA at (831) 626-1844.  Photographic copy work for artists is done with medium format digital utilizing Phase One’s new P65+ digital back,  the world’s first full-frame medium format sensor with 60.5 megapixels!   kmd
*Update*  There is definitely something still in the works for Breathing color’s New Glamour III.  It remains in beta testing to make sure it meets quality expectations.   The current satin finish is still being tweaked, though one of the artists that did a test print liked what she saw at least preliminarily.  More to follow…

Waiting for Lily: A Maternity Portrait Session with Michelle & Joshua

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One of the best things about being a professional photographer is the people you meet.  Whether photographing a wedding, event, fine portraiture, or commercial work, I tend to spend a lot of time with clients.  It’s not unusual for clients to become good friends as well.  I’ve worked with Michelle and Josh for several years now, and most recently had the honor of photographing their maternity portraits.   

Maternity portraiture at the beach in Carmel
Maternity portraiture at the beach in Carmel

Michelle and Josh came down all the way from the Sacramento area to Carmel for their first maternity portrait session.  Michelle wanted to do something different at the beach as well as a session in studio.  I chose to use my Phase 645AF and Phase One P65+ digital back for both sessions.  I used a small Quantum battery pack to provide off camera lighting at the beach.  The Q-Flash is lightweight and provides a mobile quality light on location.

Just another day in paradise...
Just another day in paradise…
CF003048 WEB a

Usually the best time for a maternity portrait session is about the 7th month of the third trimester.  Expectant moms are usually well-past morning sickness, are pretty mobile and not quite at the point where they are tired of being pregnant!  Michelle and Josh weren’t able to make it down earlier, with Lily expected on the way in only about three weeks!

Waiting for Lily

Waiting for Lily

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I really enjoy maternity portrait sessions.  Pregnancy is such a special time for couples, and nothing short of a beautiful miracle!  Some expectant mothers are naturally a bit self-conscious, but always gain confidence after seeing their beautifully retouched maternity portraits.  I think it is important to include dads in the maternity portrait session too!

B&W Maternity session; Phase 645AF and P65+

B&W Maternity session; Phase 645AF and P65+

CF003167 WEB a

A Father's Love

A Father's Love

This portrait session was also an ideal time for me to use three new “D series” medium format lenses with the P65+ digital back.  I used the Mamiya 75-150 on location at the beach in Carmel.  For the maternity session in my boutique studio in Carmel, I used the Mamiya 75-150mm, the Mamiya 150mm  f/2.8, and the Mamiya 120mm f/2.8.  I have found that the new D series lenses from Mamiya and Phase One are simply exceptional and perform exceedingly well with the Phase One P65+ digital back. 

Congratulations to Josh and Michelle!  I can’t wait to photograph Lily as a newborn baby!

For more information on Maternity portrait sessions, call (831) 626-1844.  ken

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