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Ken Doo Photography Family Books

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Ken Doo Photography offers custom handmade family books from Italy.

Ken Doo Photography offers custom handmade family books from Italy.

Family Books remain a popular option for special events and extended portrait sessions.  These custom handmade family books are the same luxurious books from Graphistudio in Italy that my wedding clients receive, albeit generally with not as many images or pages.  As with the Wedding Books, all portraits are hand-retouched naturally before the books layout and design is completed.

Silk, hardback and cover, and polished metal are just a few of the book cover options.

Silk, hardback and cover, and polished metal are just a few of the book cover options.  Briefcase included!

All the same new cover options are available for family books, and most designs and layouts are clean and simple.  Books are available in a variety of sizes and different page finishes.  Craftsmanship is impeccable and quality is unsurpassed.  All work is quality guaranteed.

Nicely bound and no gutters!

Nicely bound and no gutters!

Many sizes and options including pocketbooks and sizes up to a huge 16x20!

Many sizes and options including pocketbooks and sizes up to a huge 16×20!

For more information, contact me at my boutique portrait studio in Carmel, CA or call (831) 626-1844.  ken


New Wedding Book Cover Catalog and Swatch Book In!

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New GraphiStudio Wedding Cover Catalog and Swatch Book. ©2012 Ken Doo Photography.

This just in:  GraphiStudio’s new Cover Catalog and Material Swatch Book!  Finally, choosing the right cover and fine art media choice for your custom GraphiStudio Wedding or Family Book couldn’t be easier!  GraphiStudio Wedding and Family Books are custom designed and handmade in Italy using the finest materials, and of course, your images all hand-retouched by your professional photographer, Ken Doo.  For more information on weddings, family portraits, and the incredible GraphiStudio Books, contact me at my boutique portrait photography studio in Carmel or call (831) 626-1844.  Ken

Custom Wedding Guest Signing Books and Save-the-Date Cards Added!

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Save the Date cards and guest sign-in books for 2012

Just a quick update:  Newly offered for 2012 wedding packages are “Save-the-Date” cards and custom Wedding Guest Signing Books.  The Save-the-Date cards are custom designed from the client’s first engagement session, printed on high quality card stock in full color.  Custom Wedding Guest Signing Books are designed from images taken over the course of several engagement sessions and printed on smooth fine art paper.  The Guest Signing Books may be designed to match (if desired) the cover of the client’s custom GraphiStudio Wedding Book album.  All images are hand-retouched naturally.  For more information, contact me at my boutique portrait photography studio in Carmel.  Ken (831) 626-1844.

Congratulations Adam and Anjani Harvey!

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Adam & Anjani. ©2011 Ken Doo Photography

Congratulations to Adam and Anjani Harvey who were recently married last weekend at Rancho Canada in Carmel, CA on July 31, 2011.  Adam and Anjani had put a lot of work into planning their wedding—and it showed.  The reception at Rancho Canada was elegantly decorated with festivities guided by DNA DJ Entertainment and even a belly dancer!  Their special day started early at 7:00 A.M. and did not end until well after 12 midnight, with a late night dreamy portrait session on the greens.

Anjani on her wedding day. ©2011 Ken Doo Photography

It was a long day but we had a lot of fun.  I like to incorporate different styles of photographic coverage for weddings, and Adam and Anjani’s wedding was no different.  This was the first wedding that I was able to use the new Phase One IQ180 medium format digital back.  For Anjani’s bridal portrait above, I metered the background to overexpose the busy background and give the portrait more of a fashion flare.  I set the IQ180 ISO at 800 with Schneider 110mm lens, f/4 at 1/125th.  Earlier generation MFDBs would have been given great pause at ISO 800, but not at all for this new MFDB from Phase One.  I could have opted to use Sensor+ and still take advantage of the entire large full framed medium format sensor, but in this beautiful setting a gorgeous bridal wall portrait demands the full 80 megapixels of the IQ180. The performance and image quality from this eighty megapixel full frame medium format sensor really is incredible, producing quality beyond that of full-frame DSLRs.  I also photographed the same bridal setting of Anjani with my Canon 1Ds MarkIII, which is Canon’s flagship full-frame DSLR sensor camera.  Both image files were processed in Capture One Pro 6.  Not surprisingly, the Canon files were devoid of information in the background areas.  The Phase IQ180 file actually retains ample background information, though I have purposely set the background in the image to be well overexposed.   The native ISO of the IQ180 is ISO 35.  To still maintain this much control at ISO 800 is just short of amazing!

©2011 Ken Doo Photography

The wedding day is over, but my work is just beginning for post-processing hundreds of images and getting ready to create Adam and Anjani’s GraphiStudio Wedding Book.  Each image is hand retouched naturally.   Wedding products and services are all-inclusive and rather unique, departing away from the wedding industry norm. 

©2011 Ken Doo Photography

For this last image, I photographed Adam and Anjani in almost complete darkness,  illuminated gently by two strobes triggered by radio remotes.  The image was post-processed and toned for effect.  For more information on wedding photography, contact me at my boutique portrait studio in Carmel, CA at (831) 626-1844.    kmd

Congratulations Lisa and Michael Avina!

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Mike and Lisa wed in Carmel, CA. ©2011

Congratulations to Lisa and Mike Avina!  Lisa and Mike were recently married in Carmel, CA on June 11, 2011.  The beautiful beach wedding was followed by a relaxed reception at the Forge in the Forest in Carmel.  Now the work for me really begins!  Aside from the engagement sessions, each wedding typically produces hundreds of memorable images to select from in building the new couple’s first family heirloom, their Wedding Book.  Each image is hand-retouched naturally.  The Wedding Book itself is handmade in Italy. 

Love Leads the Way. ©2011 Ken Doo Photography.

I typically use a variety of cameras and different photographic styles for engagement and wedding photography.  For the above image, I used a specially converted camera for infra-red capture.  The raw digital file was then processed in Capture One Pro 6 and final touches made Photoshop CS5.  This is all I can share for now, as Lisa and Mike haven’t even seen these yet!

For more information on my approach to wedding photography, contact me at my boutique portrait studio in Carmel, CA at (831) 626-1844.  ken

Adding Infra-Red B&W Digital Portraiture into the Wedding Photography Mix

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Carmel Mission Basilica photographed with an IR converted camera. ©2010 Ken Doo Photography

I have always admired infra-red photography, moreso the strong and stunning contrast offered by Infra-red B&W images rather than those of infra-red “false color.”  In the days of film, I would need to take great care in using special infra-red emulsions, loading film backs in complete darkness.  Even when using autofocus lenses on the Mamiya 645AFD, slight manual focus adjustments would need to be made to insure sharp infra-red images.  But the days of film are long since gone in my boutique portrait photography studio in Carmel, CA!  Although stunning B&W images are produced with medium format digital in my studio, infra-red B&W images provides a different look that is not easily produced in post-processing.  The only solution (in the advent of digital) that I have found to consistently produce high quality infra-red B&W images is to convert a camera to infra-red.  The camera sensor filter is removed and is converted to “see” a specified spectrum in the range of infra-red light.  The camera is dedicated only to capturing infra-red images, and consequently, many may find the cost of conversion to be expensive.   

The Long View. Carmel Mission infra-red. ©2010 Ken Doo Photography

None of the images on this blog post have been post-processed or altered by Adobe Photoshop CS5.  They are straight conversions from the RAW infra-red file and processed to JPEG by Capture One Pro 5.  Although I may photograph a few landscape images in infra-red, adding infra-red B&W wedding portraiture to my studio offerings is really what I have in mind!  The infra-red camera is small enough to pack along, allowing me to take a few infra-red photos during a wedding event or portrait session, and offer my clients something really special.   Adding a bit of a fantasy dreamy romantic glow to would make for a stunning infra-red wedding wall portrait or a great image for a client’s GraphiStudio Wedding Book!

The big picture. Carmel Mission IR. ©2010 Ken Doo Photography

To find out more about infra-red B&W portraiture or B&W infra-red wedding portraits, contact me at my boutique studio in Carmel, CA or at (831) 626-1844.  ken

Ken Doo Photography Adds Apple Wedding iPod Touch for 2010

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New for 2010, I’ve added as an exclusive for wedding clients, the new Ken Doo Photography Apple Wedding iPod Touch!  Previously I’ve used the Apple iPod Nano as a means for wedding clients to share their DVD slideshows, but the larger viewing screen of the iPod Touch adds a totally new dimension in viewing portability.  Along with their mini-GraphiStudio Wedding Books, wedding clients can easily share their Reflections DVD slideshow from their wedding reception and their GraphiStudio DVD / Blu-Ray Slideshow on with family and friends almost anywhere!  View the following short video clip to catch a glimpse of an actual DVD slideshow on the Ken Doo Photography Wedding iPod Touch: 

To see an actual GraphiStudio Wedding book layout, go to my website,  Enter Weddings & Portraits.  From the top menu bar, select Client Area and enter the password:  graphi 

Call 831-626-1844 for more information or visit my boutique studio in Carmel, California to see GraphiStudio Wedding Books and the exclusive Ken Doo Photography Wedding iPod Touch!  Ooooh!  And about that new Apple iPad……  ; )

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