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Photographing Artwork for Artists

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Andrea Jones Masks WEB

I have been doing quite a bit of copy work for artists lately. Some clients have found my services through my website, , though most are from referrals from other artists.  Most of the photographic copy work that I do are of paintings.  It gives me the opportunity to see and appreciate the work of some very talented artists.  Once in awhile, I am asked to photograph unusual artistic endeavors, many of which are quite fascinating.  In the above image are a series of masks that artist Andrea Jones created, using actual molds of human faces.  Some are mono-toned reminding me of the famed Blue Man Group, see, some more colorful, some etched with messages, and some just downright eerie in their presence.


I wanted to share this project because of its unusual nature.  Although these masks were previously hung on walls, I did not want to photograph them hanging on walls as I felt the work would lose dimension and character.  The difficulty was how to photograph these fragile masks, yet carefully prop them up at the same time.  After some thought, I designed a makeshift holder and started setting up in studio.  I chose two strip soft boxes with grids to light the masks and emphasize the textures. Einstein mono lights were used in the strip boxes. I used a Profoto Acute2 B600 and strobe on a Red Wing boom arm overhead, with a 5-degree grid for a bit of fill.

CF005646 WEB

Black plexiglass adds just a gentle reflection for a bit more dimension.  The above is the end result, un-retouched, straight out of the camera.  I used a Phase One XF camera with Phase One IQ3 100 medium format digital back, Phase Schneider 150mm LS BR.

For more information, go to or contact me at the studio.

Ken Doo

All I Want For Christmas…

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Not your father's Lexus.  Phase One 645DF, Schneider 55mm LS, IQ180

Not your father’s Lexus. Phase One 645DF, Schneider 55mm LS, IQ180. ©2012 Ken Doo Photography

All I want for Christmas is….a new concept car from Lexus!  Ok, not really, but if you twist my arm….  I photographed the Lexus during a break I had photographing a small project  at the recent 55th International Autoshow at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, sponsored by and Kelly Blue Book.  Wow—really neat car.  I’ve been really busy in studio and haven’t been able to update the blog as often as I’d like. Following a whirlwind water polo season and photographing games, I have been busy photographing weddings, events , family portraits and commercial projects—all the while trying to upgrade/update the studio’s workstation computer and completing yet another special B&W K7 MPS piezography printer conversion, with both glossy and matte capabilities.

Adults only.  Phase 645DF, Schneider 55mm LS, IQ180.  ©2012 Ken Doo Photography

Adults only. Phase 645DF, Schneider 55mm LS, IQ180. ©2012 Ken Doo Photography

I am really excited about offering my clients truly fine art printing on museum quality materials, not available at typical pro-labs, for both color and B&W images.  The studio’s new fine art B&W capabilities are already being utilized commercially in reproducing historical B&W images of the City of Pacific Grove.  Although most of these images are anticipated to be wall portrait sizes between 24″ x 30″ and 30″ x 40″,  some larger images may exceed seven feet in length!  More to follow!

For more information about medium format digital photography and fine art printing, contact me at my boutique portrait photography studio in Carmel, California.  Ken  (831) 626-1844

Monterey County Artist’s Studio Tour Weekend!

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Doorway to Monterey County. ©2012 Ken Doo. One of five new B&W landscape images printed on a dedicated K7 B&W MPS Selenium printer on display this weekend at my Carmel studio.

The Monterey County Artist’s Studio Tour will be held on September 29 + 30, 2012, from 11:00 PM until 5:00 PM on each day.  Artists throughout Monterey County participating in the tour open their studios to the public giving them a glimpse at the artist’s work and workplace.  An opening reception kicking off the event will be held on Friday, September 28, 2011 at the Pacific Grove Art Center on Lighthouse Avenue from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  Maps with addresses/directions of various artists are available at local retailers and at the opening reception on Friday evening.  (My studio is #42 on the map!).  The public is welcome to preview artwork on display by various artists as well as enjoy refreshments , raffles and prizes.  This year I plan on showing a few unique pieces of my landscape photography printed on a specially converted K7 Piezography B&W MPS Selenium printer.  Several images were captured using my new Cambo WRS 1050 technical camera and Phase One IQ180.   A demonstration of this special B&W printer system was planned, but in all likelihood the demonstration will be cancelled by required parts and maintenance.  I will also be showing several large panoramic images with incredible detail, some approaching eight feet in length, photographed by me with high resolution medium format digital cameras.  Come by and visit my boutique photography studio in Carmel, see some of my landscape photography, and enjoy a glass of wine, coffee, and cheesecake (hey, I like cheesecake.).   You can see more of my landscape photography at  .  ken

For more information call (831) 626-1844

Welcome to the Darkside: Fine Art B&W Printing Comes of Age

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A portrait of a dear departed friend, Mateo. ©2007 Ken Doo. Phase One P30; 150mm f/8 @ 1/60th. Printed recently on a newly converted K7 dedicated B&W printer on Canson Platine Fibre Rag.

Ken Doo Photography has gone to the darkside.  And when you’re talking about fine art B&W printing, that’s a good thing.  I have been printing everything from family wall portraits, to banners, to stunning archival gallery wrapped canvas portraits in-house to insure the highest quality possible.  There is no doubt in my mind that the quality of print and fine art medias offered by my studio exceeds that of any typical pro-lab, whether for color or B&W images.  For B&W images, state of the art printers (such as the Epson 9900) use three blacks (K3) producing beautiful prints rivaled only by those of the wet (and toxic!) darkroom.  Only a dedicated B&W printer can produce better quality images that can rival those produced by a traditional wet darkroom.   My 9900 has become a steady workhorse, consistently producing exceptional portraits for my clients.  But having an extra wide-format printer, I decided to convert my old 9800 to a dedicated B&W K7 (seven blacks!) in an effort to push the quality envelope of fine art B&W printing further.

Bodie General Store. ©2012 Ken Doo. Phase DF, IQ180. Sensor+ iso 140, f/4 @ 1/80. Schneider 55mm. Printed on dedicated K7 B&W printer on Harman Gloss Baryta warmtone.

The conversion to a dedicated seven black (K7) piezography printer for B&W selenium glossy wasn’t easy; it was more difficult than I thought it would be.  A fellow photographer friend of mine was going through the same conversion on a similar but smaller wide format printer.  Her printer died on the operating table.  Not all patients make it, but those that do are exceptional.  After about a week’s time to work out the kinks, I have started testing various fine art medias on my new B&W printer using a glossy selenium inkset.  All I can say is, wow.   B&W prints from the 9900 are excellent.  But B&W prints from the new dedicated K7 printer are stunning.  This particular glossy selenium K7 inkset also utilizes an “eighth” K-ink slot, which is really a gloss optimizer, applied by the K7 printer after the initial printing.  It is a bit more labor intensive, but the advantages well-worth the extra effort.  I also foresee advantages of color prints generated on the 9900 utilizing the gloss optimizer process using the K7 printer.  This isn’t just printing; this is print-making, and that’s really what embodies a Signature Series Portrait made for my clients at my boutique portrait studio in Carmel.

To be fair, a dedicated K7 B&W printer won’t make a mediocre image better.  But it can make an excellent image print better with more smoothness and tonality, with a presence reminiscent of an air-dried wet darkroom print.  The workflow and post-processing is a bit different than images prepared for the 9900.  I’m really excited about being able to offer the best in both color and B&W images for my clients.   I recently visited Death Valley, Mono Lake, and the ghost town of Bodie, CA (images above) and felt very fortunate to capture some exciting new landscape images.  I definitely look forward to offering more B&W landscape images!

For more information on fine art printing, high-resolution medium format digital copywork and reproduction, and portraiture, contact me at (831) 626-1844 or at my boutique photography studio in Carmel, CA.  ken

Ready for Valentines Day Romance 2012

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Phase One 645DF, IQ180, Schneider 110mm LS.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner—are you ready?  Just in time for 2010, the Scarlet Letter Series, a luscious romantic glamour portrait book, offers new custom covers and sizes.   The Scarlet Letter Series Portrait Session is not limited to glamour or fashion, and often tasteful artistic B&W imagery is the call for the day.  My boutique portrait studio in Carmel will soon be adding another wide format fine art printer, and the current fine art printer will be converted to a very special B&W piezography printer.  A B&W wet darkroom print is the last remaining enclave that for the most part remains specialized and somewhat protected from the digital movement.  I know it’s blasphemy to some, but with a seven carbon-based pigmented piezophgraphy inkset combined with a separate gloss overcoating process, my studio intends to offer the finest in B&W portraiture and fine art reproduction.  More on this later!  Also new in studio is a wire-binder system, ideal for making calendars.  For more information on Scarlet Letter Series Portrait Sessions, make-up artists and stylists, or romantic clothing and lingerie, contact me at my boutique portrait studio in Carmel or call (831) 626-1844.  ken

Breathing Color’s Timeless Matte Comes to Ken Doo Photography

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Belated, I know—but I’ve been busy busy busy!! Several weeks ago Breathing Color sent me some of their new Timeless matte finish varnish to test.  I had done some earlier beta testing on what was initially called, “Glamour III.”  The earlier beta solutions showed promise, but nothing that I felt would change my workflow with Breathing Color’s time-proven soft gloss varnish, Glamour II.   The Timeless matte finish changes that!  Breathing Color’s new varnish, “Timeless” and is touted more for ease of use in its application.  Glamour II will remain my choice for a gentle gloss varnish canvas protectant, particularly since it works so well when applied by HVLP spray gun.  But most interesting of note is the new Timeless matte finish.  Until the release of Timeless matte, previous matte canvas protectants have been pretty lackluster.  I received a test pint of the new Timeless matte varnish from Breathing Color, and all I can say is that I am pleasantly surprised.  It is slightly more difficult to apply than Glamour II, but I attribute that more to finding the right balance in applying the new finish by HVLP.  Because Timeless is not meant to be diluted, the matte solution is definitely more expensive than Glamour II.  I have since printed a beautiful canvas piece for Carmel Artist Emy Ledbetter, and her initial reaction to the matte finish was very positive.  I’m waiting for her reaction to the 24″x24″ canvas print with Timeless matte once she has had the piece stretched and gallery wrapped.  I think the real winner in the Timeless line for Breathing Color is it’s matte finish.  Breathing Color’s Lyve Canvas now has an unbeatable combination with a choice of a soft gloss finish with Glamour II or a true matte finish with Timeless.  Both finishes enrich colors and provide archival protection.   Glamour II will remain as a first choice for protecting canvas giclee prints, but the addition of Breathing Color’s Timeless in my studio is a perfect addition in being able to offer clients a true matte finish.
For more information on giclee printing on canvas, contact me at my boutique portrait photography studio in Carmel or call 831-626-1844.  kmd

Wait a Minute!! Real Canvas for Banners??

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CHS swimmers take a closer look at banners printed on canvas and displayed at the Carmel High School Pool at the MTAL Championships.

Yep.  Some people are a bit incredulous when they see real canvas being used for signage and banners.  No cheap vinyl used here.  I have been printing most all of my fine art and portrait photography work in studio on a wide format printer, capable of printing up to 44″ wide using archival pigmented inks on a wide variety of fine art substrates.  When my son started playing water polo and swimming for Carmel High School, I started using my studio printer to print wide format banners to boost team spirit and support.  In February 2010, the Friends of Carmel Aquatics (FOCA) started offering local businesses sponsorship opportunities at the new Carmel High School Pool, Bob Walthour Aquatic Center.  FOCA asked me to print the pool banners, and I made the decision to offer businesses a higher quality canvas banner.  Canvas?  Yes, canvas!

Banner tape reinforces the "grommetless" banner hanging system

I am very familiar with the durability of gallery wrapped canvas portraits produced in my studio, as well as the better color gamut of a fine art canvas over a vinyl substrate.  I chose to use Breathing Color’s 800M canvas.  Breathing Color’s 800M is an excellent economical choice and has proven to be an ideal banner substrate with its  excellent color gamut.  When coated with Breathing Color’s Glamour II, the 800M is very weather resistant.  Over the course of approximately six months (and ongoing) none of the banners on display at the CHS pool have  exhibited any fading; colors and details remain vibrant and true.  Admittedly, there are a couple banners at the pool that were made with Breathing Color’s highly regarded, industry leading Lyve Canvas, the same canvas that I use for museum gallery wrapped canvas portraits in my boutique photography studio in Carmel, California–but only because I ran out of 800M!  The 800M canvas is stronger than vinyl and less susceptible to tearing when exposed to the elements.  The banners also use a new grommetless hanging system, that when reinforced with banner tape, is actually stronger than normal grommets. 

Breathing Color's Glamour II is the secret sauce for protecting banners from the elements. Two coats are applied by HVLP sprayer.

Pool sponsorships and banners are still being sold by FOCA to area business.  (*hint* The cost of sponsorship and a canvas banner at special pricing is less expensive than the normal cost of a banner available elsewhere).  For more information on pool sponsorship banners, contact FOCA or contact me at the studio, Ken Doo Photography (831) 626-1844.

Metallic Fine Art Paper Added to Giclee Printing Media Selections

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Creating a custom icc printer profile for Sugar Cane Fine Art Paper in my boutique studio in Carmel, CA

I have been printing my own portraits and landscapes for several years in my boutique studio in Carmel, CA.  Printing in-house increased efficiency and quality control of products offered by my studio.  It allows me to offer my clients a higher quality product and a greater range of the finest archival fine art papers, canvas, and substrates available.  The studio also provides high resolution photographic copywork for artists and produces giclee prints, or fine art reproductions, for artists on a variety of archival papers and canvas.  Photographic copy work is done with digital medium format, using a Phase 645DF and Phase One P65+ medium format digital back.  The P65+ is currently the highest resolution full frame medium format digital back with 60.5 megapixels, and produces approximately 350 megabyte 16 bit TIFF digital files.  Archival printing is with pigmented inks and on select fine art substrates up to 44 -inches in width.  Custom icc printer profiles are generated by me in studio, including expanded custom profiles with custom grays to insure better shadow detail and exceptional black and white images.

Beginning this month, Ken Doo Photography in Carmel, CA is adding a new metallic paper to its growing selection of fine art media.  The new metallic media shares similarities with Kodak’s Endura Metallic paper but I am now able to print in studio beyond Kodak’s 30-inch width limitation, up to the maximum of my printer’s 44-inch capabilities!  The metallic fine art paper is a smooth shiny surface with exceptional gloss and depth.  The new metallic media looks great with both color and black and white images, and I am looking forward to using this new fine art paper for both my portrait and wedding clients.  I will be adding a special infra-red converted camera to the studio soon, and anticipate that black and white infra-red portraits will look exceptional on this new metallic fine art paper, particularly for my wedding clients and engagement portrait sessions.

Visit the studio to see samples of this new metallic media and other available fine art papers and canvas!  Other fine art medias available include Baryta photographic papers, Sugar Cane, Bamboo, Cotton Elegance Velvet, and Lyve Canvas.  Printing in studio gives me confidence that I am providing my portrait, wedding, and commercial clients the highest quality products, and consequently, I limit the media substrates that I offer as the finest fine art papers and museum gallery-wrapped canvas that I believe are currently available. 

Photographic copy work using Digital Medium Fomat for artists is available in studio and on location.   Call or visit the studio regarding giclee fine art printing and reproduction for artists.

For more information contact the studio at (831) 626-1844.   kmd

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