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Mini-Review: Saal Digital Photog Books Offer Quality at Modest Price Points

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Saal Digital 1

In a competitive and saturated photo book market, Saal Digital offers photographers and serious amateurs yet another quality option to consider.  Last month Saal Digital offered me a “discount coupon” to try one of their photo book options.  Typically, I have relied on higher quality book makers such as GraphiStudio based in Italy—and at commensurately higher prices as well.  But sometimes the most expensive offerings are not the best for all photo projects. Enter Saal Digital, offering a good quality product at modest pricing.

Saal Digital 2

Photo books are offered in square and rectangular formats, lay flat binding, a selection of photo and matte papers, and various cover options.  Books may be between 26 to 120 pages in length. Print quality is quite good for the price point and certainly much better than typical consumer grade offerings.

But the biggest attraction to Saal Digital is actually their website online ordering capability.  Kudos here to Saal Digital. The online process is exceptionally easy to use, select options, and create photo books.  I was amazed at the simplicity of the online software to create a photo book “automatically” with images that were simply (and quickly) uploaded from my computer.  Obviously, personal tastes vary and are subjective, and other design options will obviously produce even higher quality layouts.  Need a quick photo book? It’s hard to beat Saal-Digital’s automatic software option.

Saal Digital offers professionals and discerning consumers a good quality photo book option at a competitive price point.  You can get more information and order photobooks at

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–Ken Doo


B&W Piezography MPS Prints On Display

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B&W K7 Piezography MPS Gloss Selenium. ©2013 Ken Doo Photography

B&W K7 Piezography MPS Gloss Selenium. ©2013 Ken Doo Photography

When Drs. Mowatt-Larssen and Nicholas made plans to re-decorate their patient waiting room area, I was pleased that my landscape work was considered for inclusion at their office.  The selected works were all custom printed on my newly converted B&W printer.  This new printer features seven shades of black pigmented inks capable of producing stunning B&W images with incredibly smooth tonality, great dimension, and presence.  The images are reminiscent of B&W fiber prints.  All images were photographed by me with a Phase One IQ180 digital back and Phase DF camera or Cambo WRS technical camera.  You can see these images at the Vein Specialists of Monterey located at 757 Pacific Street, Suite C-2, Monterey, CA 93940.

The studio recently added several more fine art papers that have been profiled for this special wide format B&W printer, which is able to produce both glossy and matte fine art B&W prints up to 44″ in width.  For more information on K7 B&W printing or high resolution medium format digital copywork, contact Carmel Fine Art Printing & Reproduction.  You can view more of my landscape photography at, or contact me at my boutique portrait photography studio in Carmel, California. (831) 626-1844.

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