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I’m a professional photographer specializing in portraiture, particularly wall portraits.  I also enjoy landscape photography.  I am also a fine art printer and provide printing services for artists and photographers.

I have a boutique studio, located on the California central coast in Carmel, which focuses on providing the highest quality products and services to my clients.   My studio is the only full-service Medium Format Digital studio locally.   I use a Phase One XF and Cambo WRS 1600 technical camera with a Phase One IQ3 100 digital back, a full-frame medium format sensor with 100 megapixels.  Prints are made on the highest quality archival fine art papers and canvas.   Medium Format Digital Photography certainly is not the norm, but then again, neither is my approach to providing photography for my clients.   I am extremely passionate about my work.   I figure that for most people, going to a professional photographer is not an every day affair, so why settle for anything less than what your own family deserves?   I have received over twenty -five Accolades of Excellence for my work in portraiture, family, children, seniors, weddings/engagements, fashion/glamour, animals, fine art/figure, and landscape.   And I take pride in my work.    It’s about having the right equipment, training, background, and approach.  And having a lot of fun along the way…

I look forward to being your photographer!

Ken Doo

Member PPA

p.s.  My studio follows the Golden Rule.  Please respect the copyrighted images that have been posted within this blog and the related websites.   Wildlife and Landscape images are available purchase and/or with a usage license.  Contact me at 831-626-1844.

p.p.s.  Sometimes I may give a mini-review on equipment, media, etc. related to my photography work.  Sometimes I have been asked by various companies to beta-test products.  My comments are based solely on my own experiences, but never because of corporate remuneration or sponsorship.  If that ever happens, I will clearly state such within the article.  If you’ve noticed the Capture Integration thumbnail and link on the right side, it’s because I’m a proud client and part of the CI family (no matter how much it makes Dave Gallagher wince when I say that!).  I depend on CI for all my tech support questions and equipment for my studio, and for good reason.  : )

You can see more of work and learn more about me at:



My fine art printing website is:  www.carmelfineartprinting.com

or call:   (831) 626-1844

Email:  ken@kendoophotography.com

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