Behind the Scenes with the AMG GTS Lurking in the Shadows

AMG Web2©2016 Ken Doo Photography. Lurking in the Shadows. AMG GTS. Phase One IQ3 100MP, Schneider 40-80LS.

The 2016 Pebble Beach Concours is next month. And with all the excitement over car week on the California central coast, I thought it might be fun to share photographing the Mercedes Benz AMG GTS. The AMG GTS is not a well-known vehicle compared to the likes of the Porsche 911 and other similar sports cars. With that in mind, I wanted to create an image of the AMG GTS with a bit of mystery and not revealing much about the vehicle. It would have been much easier to accomplish this image in a warehouse suitable for large scale photography. Instead, I built the set using several widths of seamless paper to create a dark background sweep. The slant of the asphalt added a bit more challenge in setting up the lights. Strip banks were set up on both sides of the vehicle. A smaller strip light in the rear added back lighting. Another studio light was focused on the seamless backdrop using a 40-degree grid and gelled blue. I placed a fog machine behind the vehicle, and we were ready to shoot.

BTS AMG webBehind the scenes—building the set.

I photographed the AMG GTS using a Phase One XF camera, Phase One IQ3 100 medium format digital back, and Schneider 40-80mm LS lens. This was a short but fun shoot. Only about a dozen or so quick frames were taken, with the resulting image shown above. I wanted to do a lot more including using the Cambo WRS technical camera but ran out of time. I also wanted to take more “behind-the-scenes” photos, but we became pushed for time and it was a bit dark out—as in pitch black!  The final layout is a poster-print sized 24″ x 32″ on metallic paper.

Next project will show the AMG GTS in the open and out of the shadows!  Ken


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