Welcoming in 2013

Tunnel View Icicles. ©2012 Ken Doo Photography.  Infra Red capture.

Tunnel View Icicles. ©2012 Ken Doo Photography. Infra Red capture.

Whether it is the looming fiscal cliff or the light at the end of the tunnel, I don’t think anything has changed at all in Washington, D.C., and I don’t think it ever really will.  But with 2013, at least in my own little world, I am excited at being able to be at the cutting edge of technology with photography and fine art printing.  I’m getting something done.  : )  The addition of a specially converted K7 B&W Piezography fine art printer in the studio is something I am particularly excited about—this printer being able to produce stunning B&W prints on both glossy and matte fine art papers.  As good as the studio’s Epson 9900 is at B&W, the 9890 K7 B&W Piezography printer is just that much better.

Half Dome. ©2012 Ken Doo Photography. Cambo WRS, Phase One IQ180, Rodenstock HR40

I’m not really fond of Yosemite National Park.  Heresy, I know.  But it’s more because of the throngs of visitors that are associated with this beautiful gem in the national park system.  Visiting in the winter is a much better time to visit because the cold weather, snow (chains required), and holiday season seems to keep the crowds more manageable.  I recently visited Yosemite National Park seeking to capture a few iconic images as well others, with B&W imagery in mind.  It was cold.  The surrounding trees and hills were blanketed with a carpet of snow.  Temperatures ranged from a chilly 17 degrees F and remained below freezing for most all the time during my visit.  Icicles formed underneath my 4Runner and on the mudflaps. Getting around was no problem with four-wheel drive.  And seat warmers.  Gotta love seat warmers.

Valley View. ©2012 Ken Doo Photography. Cambo WRS, Phase One IQ180, Rodenstock HR40.

I really enjoyed working with the Cambo WRS technical camera and Phase One IQ180 digital back.  It really is a return to enjoying photography and the process of creating images.  Although I brought along my Phase DF body, it remained unused in the truck.  My infra-red converted camera did make a few appearances, and with B&W in mind, I wish I could justify getting an achromatic medium format digital back for landscapes.  One thing that really surprised me was that despite the cold temperatures, battery life was exceptional with the IQ180.  I photographed all day at Yosemite and used only one battery.  I hope to re-vamp both my Carmel boutique portrait photography studio website and my landscape website entirely in January, with renewed offerings for B&W portraits on the new K7 printer.  Contact the studio for more information on fine art printing or B&W portraiture.  ken  (831) 626-1844


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