Capture One Pro 7 Makes for a Very Beary Christmas

Grizzly Cub on archival canvas---printed approximately life-sized! ©2007 Ken Doo Photography

Grizzly Cub on archival canvas—printed approximately life-sized! ©2007 Ken Doo Photography

During the summer of 2007, I went to Alaska to photograph grizzly bears on the Katmai Peninsula.  It was a fantastic trip with many memorable wildlife and landscape images.  I used an old Canon 5D classis with a paltry 12 megapixels to photograph the grizzly cub in the above photo.  That’s a five-foot long print on canvas.  What’s surprising is how the state of raw processor technology can improve to the point of allowing the photographer to produce better quality images from the same raw image files taken years earlier.  I have an older 40×60 print of this grizzly cub standing tall on display.  I recently sold the image with the client requesting that it be printed on canvas.  Recently Phase One released its latest version 7 of Capture One Pro, the raw processing software that I use for my Phase One IQ180 and Canon DSLR.  When I reprocessed the grizzly bear cub image from 2007 in C1Pro7, it was like having a new camera!  The resulting printed image was obviously much better than the original 12 megapixel image—and right in time for the holidays!  There was much more detail in the face of the cub compared to earlier prints. The improvement is not as noticeable when using a high resolution medium format digital back, however I have been printing more frequently for other photographer’s and artists, and being able to extract more information or detail from their files in preparation for print is always a welcome addition.  For more information on fine art printing, contact me at my boutique portrait photography studio in Carmel.  Ken  (831) 626-1844


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