CHS Frosh and JV Water Polo at Santa Cruz

Elevate. ©2012 Ken Doo Photography

The quality of the CHS Water Polo program is reflected in its numbers.  It is large and growing.  The enthusiasm and experience of the coaching staff no doubt is the reason.  Twenty-four freshman and an almost equally as large JV team traveled to Santa Cruz this weekend to play water polo.  A freshman team, a JV team, and a quickly added “hybrid” team from CHS played a total of seven games.  What a great experience!

Going for goal. ©2012 Ken Doo Photography

Special thanks to Scott Crist for photographing the Frosh water polo games.  Game photos from this weekend are posted, and the link to view and purchase event photos is on the right side menu.  There is some overlap of images, so team members/parents may want to view both Frosh and JV game photo listings.  Call 831-626-1844 for questions or visit my boutique portrait photography studio in Carmel.  ken


2 Responses to “CHS Frosh and JV Water Polo at Santa Cruz”

  1. Thanks for the pic I’ll take 2 8x10s but will call to confirm thanks


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