CHS Water Polo: Hell Week Set to Start the New Season!

The First Day.

And so it begins.   Another exciting season of water polo with Carmel High School!  I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by.  My eldest son Kenny is a senior this year, playing his fourth season of water polo at CHS.  This also marks my fourth season photographing water polo games for the team, sales of photographs which also serves as a fundraiser for the team.  This is the first time, however, that I’ve been able to share a few images from Coach Aaron Gaily’s infamous hell week, marking the beginning of a new water polo season.  Actually, with recent changes in the league and a near doubling of the number of games played, players need to be in shape well before hell week, making the commitment to swim, lift weights, and play water polo in the off-season.

Varsity spirit sets the tone for hell week.


Electric fog. Is that an Osprey? (Sorry, couldn’t resist…)


Sometimes the sun shines

Hope to see you at some water polo games!  You can get more information on the CHS Water Polo program and games at the team blog at  Oh yeah, and water polo game photos!  Links to purchase photos should be on the right margin as well as on blog entries.  For more information, contact me at my boutique portrait photography studio in Carmel or call (831) 626-1844.  Ken



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