Cambo Comes Home to Carmel

Cambo WRS1050 with Rodenstock HR40 with tilt shift and Phase One IQ180

Well, this isn’t the first time that a Cambo WRS or other technical camera has been to my studio.  But it’s the first time that I’ve taken ownership of a CamboWRS1050.  I’ve been using medium format digital backs for about ten years now, my latest back being the Phase One IQ180 paired with a Phase 645DF camera body.  There is no doubt in my mind that medium format digital backs produce the highest quality images.  But when it comes to landscape photography, it’s hard to beat a digital back paired with a technical camera using the latest designed for digital lenses from Schneider and Rodenstock. For years, I had been talking with Don Libby of Ironcreek Photography in Tucson, AZ about a “one-lens-wonder” for landscape:  a Cambo WRS outfitted with a newly designed Rodenstock HR40mm Digiron mounted on a tilt-shift lens panel.  The greatest weakness in the venerable Phase 645DF series is the lack of a really strong wide angle lens option, which really is the strong point of a technical camera system.  I had passing fancies with others such as the Sinar ArTec, the Hartblei Hcam, and even brief musings of an Arca or gorgeous Alpa.  But only one camera remained true to my desire for a “one-lens-wonder:”  The Cambo WRS1050.  I called Dave Gallagher of Capture Integration in Atlanta, and though tempted by the titanium blonde Anniversary Edition, I opted for the Cambo WRS1050, with its newly designed wood grips.  I will be returning to the Canadian Rockies this summer and look forward to doing landscape photography with the Cambo WRS1050 and IQ180.  I’m also hoping to do more local B&W photography with the Cambo, particularly since adding a new K7 B&W Piezography printer in studio.  Stay tuned for details on this “one-lens-wonder.”  And don’t be surprised if you see a family portrait taken with this camera (ha!).  Hey, where’s the autofocus? For more information on portraiture, commercial or landscape photography with medium format digital, contact me at my boutique photography studio in Carmel or call (831) 626-1844.


3 Responses to “Cambo Comes Home to Carmel”

  1. After many years…it’s about time bud! Congrats on the Cambo.

  2. Congrats 😀 Going through the same dilemma man! You may remember my post on GetDPI 🙂

    I am probably going to get a Cambo WRS1000 + 35mm XL lens for architecture work! However, still that Mamiya 35mm AF make me hesitant!

    • The Mamiya/Phase 35mm D is a decent lens, and it’s not difficult to find a good copy, particularly among the D series, which has tighter quality controls. The lense is particularly good stopped down from about f/8 and especially on a cropped sensor. The last time I photographed the Canadian Rockies was with a Phase P30 and Mamiya 35mm (non-D), which is why I’m especially looking forward to photographing Canada again with the Cambo WRS1050 and HR40. You can see the P30 with 35mm wide angle landscape images at my landscape website, But you’re right: I see a Cambo technical camera in your future! : )

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