Ready for Valentines Day Romance 2012

Phase One 645DF, IQ180, Schneider 110mm LS.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner—are you ready?  Just in time for 2010, the Scarlet Letter Series, a luscious romantic glamour portrait book, offers new custom covers and sizes.   The Scarlet Letter Series Portrait Session is not limited to glamour or fashion, and often tasteful artistic B&W imagery is the call for the day.  My boutique portrait studio in Carmel will soon be adding another wide format fine art printer, and the current fine art printer will be converted to a very special B&W piezography printer.  A B&W wet darkroom print is the last remaining enclave that for the most part remains specialized and somewhat protected from the digital movement.  I know it’s blasphemy to some, but with a seven carbon-based pigmented piezophgraphy inkset combined with a separate gloss overcoating process, my studio intends to offer the finest in B&W portraiture and fine art reproduction.  More on this later!  Also new in studio is a wire-binder system, ideal for making calendars.  For more information on Scarlet Letter Series Portrait Sessions, make-up artists and stylists, or romantic clothing and lingerie, contact me at my boutique portrait studio in Carmel or call (831) 626-1844.  ken


One Response to “Ready for Valentines Day Romance 2012”

  1. Ken, this is the most stunning photo!
    I saw a thumbnail of it when I went to your page to message you and I couldn’t make it out. It looked like a photo of a nun (!) because of the white and dark of her hair…it resembled the veil of her habit,…..then, I saw your title about “Valentine Romance” and thought, “WHAT???”. I’m glad I looked, because this is absolutely beautiful!

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