Jon Hill Candidate for Monterey Peninsula Unified School District Board

Jon Hill, Candidate for MPUSD Board 2011. ©2011 Ken Doo. Phase 645DF, Phase IQ180, Schneider 55mm LS

It’s no secret that I’m very proud of our schools in Carmel.  I’m very fortunate that both of my sons attend schools in Carmel.  It’s also no secret that school districts in neighboring communities are faltering.  Many of the difficult issues facing the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District existed well before the current state of the economic recession.  Quite frankly, outside of parental involvement, MPUSD needs a new pair of eyes and hands, and to that end, Jon Hill’s candidacy for MPUSD Board is like a gift to the Monterey Peninsula.

Earlier this summer, Jon Hill asked me photograph him to provide images for his campaign.  After settling on a location, I chose to use the Phase One 645DF and the Phase IQ180 medium format digital back.  I knew that this combination would give Jon the most flexibility with the highest quality digital files available.  It also gave me the chance to use the new Schneider 55mm leaf shutter lens.  While working with him, I could tell that Jon Hill is an extremely intelligent, affable, and passionate about the quality of education.  In working on the graphic design layout of his brochure, I asked Jon to provide me with some of his background.  He sent me his resume, which I’ve attached here as a downloadable pdf file. Jonathan Hill-Resume  Take a look and you’ll see some of the reasons why I describe Jon Hill as a gift to Monterey Penisula Schools.  To those who reside in the Monterey Peninsula School District, I encourage you to support Jon Hill’s candidacy for school board.  For more information, visit Jon Hill Campaign to Reclaim MPUSD Board 2011.


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