Congratulations to Judge Terrance Duncan and Terry Vogel: 30 years of Service

Judge Terrance Duncan. ©2011 Ken Doo Photography

Congratulations to Judge Terrance Duncan and his clerk, Terry Vogel, who recently announced their retirement from the Monterey County Superior Courts after thirty years of service to the community.  Judge Duncan is known for his judicial temperament and fairness on the bench.  Terry Vogel served as Judge Duncan’s clerk for thirty years, and together they commanded broad respect in the superior court.The two Terry's after finish the morning calendar.  ©2011 Ken Doo Photography

I was honored when Judge Duncan and his wife, Anton, asked me to be Judge Duncan’s portrait photographer and photograph his retirement reception.  Judge Duncan’s portrait was created in my boutique photography studio in Carmel, CA and gave me the chance to use my newly acquired Phase One IQ180 medium format digital back.  The reception was held on August 5, 2011 at the Pasadera Country Club.  The standing room event was filled with family and friends from both sides of the bar to honor both Judge Duncan and Terry Vogel.  They will be sorely missed!

Judge Duncan’s Team. ©2011 Ken Doo Photography

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