Congratulations Lisa and Michael Avina!

Mike and Lisa wed in Carmel, CA. ©2011

Congratulations to Lisa and Mike Avina!  Lisa and Mike were recently married in Carmel, CA on June 11, 2011.  The beautiful beach wedding was followed by a relaxed reception at the Forge in the Forest in Carmel.  Now the work for me really begins!  Aside from the engagement sessions, each wedding typically produces hundreds of memorable images to select from in building the new couple’s first family heirloom, their Wedding Book.  Each image is hand-retouched naturally.  The Wedding Book itself is handmade in Italy. 

Love Leads the Way. ©2011 Ken Doo Photography.

I typically use a variety of cameras and different photographic styles for engagement and wedding photography.  For the above image, I used a specially converted camera for infra-red capture.  The raw digital file was then processed in Capture One Pro 6 and final touches made Photoshop CS5.  This is all I can share for now, as Lisa and Mike haven’t even seen these yet!

For more information on my approach to wedding photography, contact me at my boutique portrait studio in Carmel, CA at (831) 626-1844.  ken


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