Rebecca Cohen Yoga in Monterey…and beyond.

Rebecca Cohen Yoga. ©2011 Ken Doo Photography. Phase One 645DF and Phase P65+

I like being a photographer because I get to meet a lot of different people.   Commercial photography is no different than family portraiture in this regard, and sometimes I get to work with really exceptional people.  Rebecca Cohen is one of those exceptional people.  Rebecca Cohen is a Yoga teacher.  She is intelligent, professional, talented, and approachable.   What I find attractive about Rebecca Cohen is the passion that she has for her work as a yoga instructor.  It makes the difference between someone who simply works for a living, and someone who really believes and enjoys what they do for a living.  She has extensive training and background in Yoga, even having travelled to study in India.  Although Rebecca makes obviously difficult yoga positions look easy, she is a gifted and affable teacher working with clients from beginner to advanced.

Yes, she's really on her finger-tips! ©Ken Doo Photography. Phase 645DF and Phase P65+ in studio

Rebecca is currently teaching yoga out of Monterey Yoga, located at 535 Foam Street, Suite 103 in Monterey, CA 93940, although she may be leaving the area (she is part of the military family).  Rebecca also provides Yoga therapy and Thai yoga massage.  She has developed a loyal clientele following with hopes of keeping her in the Monterey area.  You can visit Rebecca’s website at more information and photos of Rebecca taken during our photography session.  For Rebecca’s yoga photos, I chose medium format digital, using a Phase One 645DF camera fitted with a Phase One P65+ medium format digital back with 60.5 megapixels.  I knew that Rebecca was concerned with using high quality images to represent her business.  I knew that medium format digital photography would give Rebecca’s business the most flexibility in terms of images that could be used providing the absolute best in detail and quality.

Rebecca Cohen Yoga. ©2011 Ken Doo Photography. Phase 645DF and Phase P65+ in studio.

The Phase One P65+ is a full-frame medium format digital sensor (about 2 and 1/2 times the size of a full-frame DSLR sensor!) providing 60.5 megapixels.  Recently the studio upgraded to the new Phase One IQ180 medium format digital back with 80 megapixels.  Especially in print, there is a noticeable difference in quality for both portraiture, commercial photography, and landscapes.  For more information about medium format digital photography, contact me at my boutique photography studio in Carmel, CA at (831) 626-1844.  ken

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