Capture Integration – PIAB 2011 in Carmel

CI in Carmel; Pigs in a Blanket at the Wagon Wheel

Well, last week the weather just sucked.  Constant rain showers thwarted any thoughts of landscape photography on the central coast of California.   And though we were well aware of the conditions, Dave Gallagher of Capture Integration in Atlanta, GA still remained committed to sending Doug Peterson, head of technical services for CI, to my boutique photography studio in Carmel to teach a class on Phase One’s Capture One Pro 6.  Don Libby of Ironcreek Photography in Tucson, AZ and I keep waivering about taking Pigs in a Blanket on the road, and so far we have committed to keeping any Pigs’ photography excursions light-hearted and fun medium format digital photography endeavors regardless of location. [The genesis of PIAB started in 2009 at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Carmel Valley, CA. You can find out more about the beginnings of “Pigs” or “PIAB” in earlier installments on my blog. Doug Peterson of Capture Integration was finally initiated into PIAB and was kept very busy.  Some would say he was really tied up at times.  Doug gave a great class on C1Pro 6, showing the power of the latest version of Phase One’s raw image file processor.

Doug Peterson leads instruction on the new features of Capture One Pro 6

Unofficial and Unauthorized CI mascots Donna and Kenna on the new Phase One IQ series digital backs

Although PIAB is light-hearted and fun, it’s also about serious photography at a different level that only medium format digital can provide.  And it is in that same vein of excellence that I have chosen Capture Integration (CI) to be my medium format dealer.  CI helped me transitioned from the Phase P30, P45+, and P65+.   I wait patiently for the official release of the incredible Phase One IQ180.  CI is consistent with top-notch customer service and attention to details.  It came as no surprise to me that Dave Gallagher’s Capture Integration was again recognized as Phase One’s Dealer of the Year.  CI also carries many other product lines, and CI is also my preferred supplier for all my Canon DSLR equipment.  The second-half of PIAB 2011 will follow in Monument Valley, Hunt’s Mesa, and Page, AZ.   Future PIAB endeavors may include Wine, Dine & Schwein with landscape photography in Napa Valley.  And CI of course! 

I’ve chosen to use medium format digital for much of my portrait and commercial photography simply for the unsurpassed quality that it provides my clients.  You can see some of my medium format digital landscape work at    ken (831) 626-1844

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