Monterey County Artists’ Studio Tour Weekend (a peek)

The Monterey County Artists’ Studio Tour was held last weekend, September 25-26, 2010.  Despite the unusually hot temperatures for the area, the tour was a lot of fun!  Artist Chris Love helped me out in my studio and also had her works on display.  This year marked the first time that I have joined the Studio Tour and displayed my landscape work.  Most of my images were displayed in the main studio area and showroom, while upstairs I had several large medium format digital panoramic images (up to eight feet long!) on display under plexiglass.  Here’s a glimpse:

A Tribute to Trees on display. Both matted and framed prints remain on sale through October 2010.

A few more from Banff, Jasper, and Pfeiffer....

I’ll leave most all of the landscape images on display in my boutique photography studio in Carmel through the end of September (including a five foot near life-sized print of a lovable grizzly cub) and then it’s back to portraits, weddings/events and commercial photography!  More landscape photography ventures on planned—and plenty more new images to be displayed at next years Monterey County Artists’ Studio Tour!  Thank you to those that participated during the studio tour, and if you missed the tour and would like to see what you missed, give me a call to visit the studio!  kmd  (831) 626-1844

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