Beyond Landscapes in Big Sur, California

The central coast of California certainly offers incredible views and scenic landscapes.  Just south of Carmel towards Big Sur, Highway One meanders and curves above the rustic coastline, and is host to one of the most stunning drives in the world.  I love landscape photography and Big Sur is a landscape photographer’s paradise.  But not this time.  I took time off earlier this month with my son for a little R & R, and Big Sur offered a us quick getaway.

Cabins in Big Sur offer comfortable lodging nestled in the woods

I was able to secure a reservation for a cabin in Big Sur, even in the thick of summer vacationers to the central coast.  This particular site even allowed our dog to stay with us.  Though we’ve lived on the central coast for fifteen years, we had not taken the time to actually stay overnight in Big Sur before.  We enjoyed the restaurants and Nicholas especially enjoyed inner-tubing down the Big Sur River.  I brought an underwater housing and was able to take a few quick photos with a small Canon G9 p&s camera as we floated gently downstream.

Big Sur River inner-tubing

Dining outside at the Big Sur River Inn; the view looking up!

Panasonic GF1 with 20mm pancake f/1.7

 No landscapes this time, though I did take a few photos with my Panasonic GF1.   I’m fortunate to be able to have the time to spend with my sons and do different things.  Though school has already started in Carmel, we’re already talking about traveling and things in the world to see and do.   Alaska may be in the works (again)….with all us packing cameras!  kmd


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