Breathing Color’s Timeless Matte Comes to Ken Doo Photography

Belated, I know—but I’ve been busy busy busy!! Several weeks ago Breathing Color sent me some of their new Timeless matte finish varnish to test.  I had done some earlier beta testing on what was initially called, “Glamour III.”  The earlier beta solutions showed promise, but nothing that I felt would change my workflow with Breathing Color’s time-proven soft gloss varnish, Glamour II.   The Timeless matte finish changes that!  Breathing Color’s new varnish, “Timeless” and is touted more for ease of use in its application.  Glamour II will remain my choice for a gentle gloss varnish canvas protectant, particularly since it works so well when applied by HVLP spray gun.  But most interesting of note is the new Timeless matte finish.  Until the release of Timeless matte, previous matte canvas protectants have been pretty lackluster.  I received a test pint of the new Timeless matte varnish from Breathing Color, and all I can say is that I am pleasantly surprised.  It is slightly more difficult to apply than Glamour II, but I attribute that more to finding the right balance in applying the new finish by HVLP.  Because Timeless is not meant to be diluted, the matte solution is definitely more expensive than Glamour II.  I have since printed a beautiful canvas piece for Carmel Artist Emy Ledbetter, and her initial reaction to the matte finish was very positive.  I’m waiting for her reaction to the 24″x24″ canvas print with Timeless matte once she has had the piece stretched and gallery wrapped.  I think the real winner in the Timeless line for Breathing Color is it’s matte finish.  Breathing Color’s Lyve Canvas now has an unbeatable combination with a choice of a soft gloss finish with Glamour II or a true matte finish with Timeless.  Both finishes enrich colors and provide archival protection.   Glamour II will remain as a first choice for protecting canvas giclee prints, but the addition of Breathing Color’s Timeless in my studio is a perfect addition in being able to offer clients a true matte finish.
For more information on giclee printing on canvas, contact me at my boutique portrait photography studio in Carmel or call 831-626-1844.  kmd

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