Sports Photography for CHS Swimming; CHS Boys Win 2010 MTAL League Championships

CHS Boys Swimming & Diving - 2010 MTAL League Champions; ©2010 Ken Doo Photography in Carmel

Recently I was asked to take the Team and Individual portraits for both the CHS Boys and Girls Swimming and Diving Teams.  The biggest challenge wasn’t the size of the team (okay, really only the size of the girls team!) but trying to schedule a time right before both teams MTAL championship swim meet, and in between the frequent rains that the central coast has been experiencing.  Overcast is good, but water from rain doesn’t mix well with studio lighting and high wattage!

CHS Girls Swimming & Diving 2010 - ©2010 Ken Doo Photography

I chose to photograph the team photos with medium format digital.  I used a Phase 645DF, Mamiya 75-150 D series lens, and Phase One P65+ medium format digital back.  The high resolution of this full-frame medium format sensor is perfect for large group portraits.  It simply would not be possible to produce as high a quality image using a 35mm based DSLR.  We later designed large banners using the two team photos which I printed on canvas in my boutique portrait photography studio in Carmel.  The 44″ x 74″ banners were sealed and hung in time for the MTAL championship swim meet that weekend.  Each team image nestled within the canvas banner measures approximately 30×40.  I was surprised  at how photogenic all the team members were!  We had a great time!

CHS Butterfly; Canon 1DsMark III; Canon 300mm f/2.8 IS. ©2010 Ken Doo Photography

Surprisingly, the new Phase One 645DF camera body is quite fast in terms of focusing, and though it is possible to use on moving subjects, obviously the much faster Canon 1Ds Mark III is a better choice for sports photography! 

Girls can fly too! ©2010 Ken Doo Photography

CHS breaststrokers Jakub Kristl and Ben Price both qualified for CCS this year. ©2010 Ken Doo Photogaphy

The CHS Boys Swimming & Diving Team won their sixth consecutive MTAL league championship title; the CHS Girls Swimming & Diving Team was edged out by Stevenson and placed 2nd this year.  Significant to note is that both teams are very young, and show great promise of growth and maturity.  My son Kenny was extremely happy to swim as a freshman at the CCS swim meet in Santa Clara.  He’s already looking forward to water polo and swimming.  I enjoy the opportunity to stay actively involved with both my sons, and like using my photography to help promote a sense of community and team spirit.

Carmel Girls Swimming on the Blocks. ©2010 Ken Doo Photography

CHS Diving. ©2010 Ken Doo Photography

CHS divers played an indispensable role in winning the MTAL championships; Senior diver Grayson placed 2d at CCS this year. 

Backstroke. ©2010 Ken Doo Photography

Team and individual photos, as well as photos from swim meets, can be viewed on my website, . Select Purchase Event Photos from the top menu, on the Event Photography & Commercial photography side of the website, and follow the prompts.  The direct link is here.  (And yes, I’m still swimming!  Come join Masters Swimming at the CHS Pool M, W, F at 5AM-7AM; Seaside High school pool M-F 5AM-7AM).

For more information on portraits, weddings & events, and medium format digital photography, contact the studio at (831) 626-1844.  ken


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  1. Great shots bro!


  2. Awesome photos Ken!!

    Aaron Gaily

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