Photographers Support Autism Awareness and Research

April is National Autism Awareness Month.  Autism is generally diagnosed in young children showing varying core symptoms and difficulties in social interaction, communication, relationships and behavior.  The effects of autism vary greatly and those afflicted with the same diagnosis can have strikingly different skills.  Autistic children basically have a different way of processing information.  There seems to be a growing number of autistic children in our communities.  The causes are arguably many.  Autism reaches across all economic and social boundaries.  There is no cure.  For whatever reason, I have had the opportunity to photograph many families with autistic children.  Some portrait sessions were difficult but relaxed settings seemed to comfort all those involved and have always resulted in a beautiful family wall portrait.  The one thing I have always noticed is that my clients with autistic children were always gifted with compassion, love, and a sense of community.  Working as a portrait photographer with these families really opened my eyes and awareness about autism.

Earlier this month, one of my assistants and photographers, Mariah Carle of Pacifica told me that she had been working with a group of photographers to release a book of fine art images to support autism research with f-eleven books.  Volume 2 of the book series was released for sale on April 2, 2010 to benefit the Autism Research Institute and raise concern, awareness, and education about autism.  Coinciding with the Natinal Month of Autism Awareness and to raise attention to the effects of the Fragile X Syndrome, 100% of the proceeds from the sales of the f-eleven vol. 2 will be donated to the Autism Research Institute.  The coffee table quality photography book, edited by internationally published photographer and art director Wolf189, features the work of 19 talented photographers of multiple genres.  The result is a trend-challenging, and visually stimulating collection presented in a luxurious format.  Printed on 100lb coffee table book standard paper with a silky finish, the book will handle many years of viewing.  For detailed information on f-eleven books, please visit:       f-eleven is an exclusive private photography group.  The book project was started by its members in late 2009, and since then have produced two book releases.  The books are diverse and progressive, with the fundamental aim to affect small positive changes in worthy causes; one shutter click at a time.


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