Sponsors Sought for the Carmel High School Pool – Bob Walthour Aquatic Center

44" x 90" Canvas Banner for CHS Water Polo. ©2009 Ken Doo Photography

Friends of Carmel Aquatics (FOCA) is now seeking sponsors for the new, state of the art, competition swimming pool at the Carmel High School.  The pool is dedicated to longtime coach Bob Walthour, who still swims at the pool in the mornings with U.S. Masters Swimming.  FOCA provides fundings and support for facility improvements, upgrades, and maintenance.  FOCA is selling advertising space placed alongside the pool facility.  Businesses will be able to promote their products and services to thousands of families and members of the community throughout the season with a full color banner available in two sizes.  I will be printing the banners for FOCA.  Instead of cheap vinyl media, Business Sponsors will receive high quality canvas banners in full color, spray sealed to protect against the elements.  Special banner pricing is being offered to FOCA and pool sponsors.  Businesses will need to provide an approved digital graphi file.  All donations are 100% deductible.    Banners are sized approximately 36″ x 48″ and 44″ x 72″ and priced $300 and $475 respectively.  Businesses interested in becoming a sponsor and purchasing a banner can receive more information at http://carmelpool.org/

Ken Doo  (831) 626-1844


2 Responses to “Sponsors Sought for the Carmel High School Pool – Bob Walthour Aquatic Center”

  1. tim martin Says:

    Can you still purchase a brick/tile at the pool?

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