Duck and Cover – Winter Storms Hit the California Central Coast

Waves crashing along the Pacific Grove coastline

The central coast has been hit with a series of winter storms, bringing heavy rains and gusty winds upwards of 70 miles per hour.  I’ve been hiding in my boutique photography studio in Carmel, California working on portraits and retouching images for a GraphiStudio Wedding Book.  In between the heavy rains, I have been able to take short breaks with sunny skies, albeit only for an hour or so.  Along the central coast, through Pacific Grove and Asilomar Beach, huge waves crash along the shoreline, leaving visitors in awe of nature’s power.  Outlined by blue skies, the uncharacteristically large waves are the only evidence of the previous storm and the one soon to come.

Powerful waves crash near Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove

Huge waves crash near Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove, California

Where's the beach?

 Strong storms and fierce waves battered the main beach at Carmel as well.  Much of the white sand beach at Carmel has been washed away.  The above photo shows a beach staircase leading seemingly to nowhere along the picturesque Scenic Drive.  Sandy beach used to cover this area, which now reveals the stone deck where the beach once was, waves still running up nearly to the cliff wall abutting Scenic Drive. 

 We’re hoping for better weather next month, when Capture Integration returns to Carmel for the 2nd Annual Pigs in a Blanket, for more fun with medium format digital photography.    kmd  831-626-1844


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