Scarlet Letter Series Expands with Exciting Additions for Valentine’s Day

Last year, I introduced The Scarlet Letter Portrait Series, an elegant and modern take on boudoir photography.  You can read more about the Scarlet Letter Portrait Series here:  The signature Scarlet Letter Portrait is a personal portrait session which may include a touch of fashion, glamour, figure and artistic imagery, and even humor.  Always tasteful and having fun is required!  Portraits from the Scarlet Letter Series  are showcased in custom framed wall portraits, elegant image boxes, and beautiful fine art books.  New for this year are calendars and unique miniature fine art books, small enough for a purse and perfect for remembering that special someone.

Everyday is Valentine's Day with The Scarlet Letter Series

The Scarlet Letter Portrait session is ideal for Valentine’s Day gifts, anniversaries, birthdays, or just-because.  Always tasteful and romantically balanced.  Wardrobe and a make-up artist is available in studio.  Each image selected portrait is always carefully retouched naturally.  Group sessions are also available! 

For more information, see and call 831-626-1844 to visit my boutique studio in Carmel, CA.


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