Waiting for Lily: A Maternity Portrait Session with Michelle & Joshua

One of the best things about being a professional photographer is the people you meet.  Whether photographing a wedding, event, fine portraiture, or commercial work, I tend to spend a lot of time with clients.  It’s not unusual for clients to become good friends as well.  I’ve worked with Michelle and Josh for several years now, and most recently had the honor of photographing their maternity portraits.   

Maternity portraiture at the beach in Carmel
Maternity portraiture at the beach in Carmel

Michelle and Josh came down all the way from the Sacramento area to Carmel for their first maternity portrait session.  Michelle wanted to do something different at the beach as well as a session in studio.  I chose to use my Phase 645AF and Phase One P65+ digital back for both sessions.  I used a small Quantum battery pack to provide off camera lighting at the beach.  The Q-Flash is lightweight and provides a mobile quality light on location.

Just another day in paradise...
Just another day in paradise…
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Usually the best time for a maternity portrait session is about the 7th month of the third trimester.  Expectant moms are usually well-past morning sickness, are pretty mobile and not quite at the point where they are tired of being pregnant!  Michelle and Josh weren’t able to make it down earlier, with Lily expected on the way in only about three weeks!

Waiting for Lily

Waiting for Lily

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I really enjoy maternity portrait sessions.  Pregnancy is such a special time for couples, and nothing short of a beautiful miracle!  Some expectant mothers are naturally a bit self-conscious, but always gain confidence after seeing their beautifully retouched maternity portraits.  I think it is important to include dads in the maternity portrait session too!

B&W Maternity session; Phase 645AF and P65+

B&W Maternity session; Phase 645AF and P65+

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A Father's Love

A Father's Love

This portrait session was also an ideal time for me to use three new “D series” medium format lenses with the P65+ digital back.  I used the Mamiya 75-150 on location at the beach in Carmel.  For the maternity session in my boutique studio in Carmel, I used the Mamiya 75-150mm, the Mamiya 150mm  f/2.8, and the Mamiya 120mm f/2.8.  I have found that the new D series lenses from Mamiya and Phase One are simply exceptional and perform exceedingly well with the Phase One P65+ digital back. 

Congratulations to Josh and Michelle!  I can’t wait to photograph Lily as a newborn baby!

For more information on Maternity portrait sessions, call (831) 626-1844.  ken


3 Responses to “Waiting for Lily: A Maternity Portrait Session with Michelle & Joshua”

  1. Sarah Jones Says:

    Mary Mason said it best: A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart till the day you die.

  2. Absolutely lovely and moving series of images. Sometimes an image with a husband feels tacked on and out of place, but the one with Josh is as outstanding as the others. I found your site by following links you left on a forum while researching Qflashes and have enjoyed going through it immensely.

    • Thank you! Maternity portrait sessions are beautiful, and having a baby is also a very special time in a couple’s relationship. The focus may be on mommy and the belly, but I always like to include daddy! I really enjoy maternity portrait sessions and documenting the start of a new family or welcoming a new addition. ken

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