A Tribute to Trees of Canyon de Chelly Opens June 1, 2009

Following my trip to Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly and putting the Phase P65+ through its paces (and causing trouble with Don Libby of Iron Creek Photography) I have compiled a series of ten images from Canyon de Chelly.  A Tribute to Trees of Canyon de Chelly will be on display starting June 1, 2009 at Frames on Broadway, 805 Broadway Avenue, Seaside, CA. 

A Tribute to Trees

A Tribute to Trees: ten images printed on Bamboo Fine Art Paper

The series consists of ten images, with only ten prints made of each image available for sale.  Appropriately enough, a beautiful warm Bamboo fine art media is a perfect match for this eco-friendly series.  A Tribute to Trees will be on display at Frames on Broadway June 1-30, 2009.   Call (831) 626-1844 for more information.

 I recently added both Bamboo and Sugar Cane eco-friendly “green” fine art papers to my studio.   Along with providing high resolution medium format digital photographic copy work with the Phase One P65+ back, I also print fine art giclee reproductions for artists on canvas and other fine art media.   You can see more of my landscape images at House of Landscapes.  Carmel studio information is at Ken Doo Photography.


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