Monument Valley, Natural Bridges, Canyon de Chelly and home! Travels with the Phase One P65+

I just thought I’d put up a quick preview blog note after traveling to Utah and Arizona shooting landscapes with the new P65+ digital back.  I still need to process the images; my traveling laptop just simply is not up to the task of handling the massive files generated by this 60.5 megapixel full-frame medium format digital back!  In short, I’m very pleased with the performance of the P65+ with Sensor+ technology, and particularly like the Phase One Virtual Horizon, a built-in level, which is helpful for creating multi-shot panoramic images.


Snow on the gas pumps---something we don't get to see in Carmel

It gets chilly here on the central coast, but we don’t get snow on the gas pumps!  The weather in the southwest can change quickly and quite dramatically.  I wasn’t quite prepared for how quickly the weather transitioned while at Monument Valley.  The skies were clear blue and sunny on my arrival.


Day 1: Afternoon view of the Mittens and Merrick Butte


Day 1: The Mittens and Merrick Butte by evening

….and within hours, the skies had turned overcast, and a small snowstorm quickly engulfed the Mittens at Monument Valley!  Bad weather often means the opportunity to capture great landscape images. 

After a brief stop over at Natural Bridges National Monumnt, I met up with Don Libby of Iron Creek Photography at Canyon de Chelly.  With our Navajo guide, we traveled through the canyons in Don’s new Jeep, and were very fortunate to view areas previously unvisited by the general public.  More on this later!

Rock Art Petroglyphs at Canyon de Chelley

Rock Art Petroglyphs at Canyon de Chelly



I’ll have a more thorough update on my travels to the southwest this last week when I have finished processing the images, nearly fifty gigabytes!  I also hope to be able to post images from the P65+ shot in its default full-resolution mode  as well as using Sensor+ mode enabled.  More updates soon with finished landscape images at the House of Landscapes too!


3 Responses to “Monument Valley, Natural Bridges, Canyon de Chelly and home! Travels with the Phase One P65+”

  1. Hi Ken, I am eagerly awaiting your posts of your new images from the P65+. I also have that back on order from Chris Lawery (Capture Integration) and should get it sometime next month. Will be interested to hear more of your impressions of your files once you get them processed! Eleanor

  2. Great shots, but way too small to be impressive. Would be amazing if you linked to higher resolution images. 🙂

    • Thank you, Amil! I hope you understand the difficulty in making high resolution images accesible, yet protected. Web images are certainly limiting, as is seeing them on a computer monitor. Seeing a large, printed portrait/image is always more satisfying in its presentation, whcih is why I have several large prints on display, including an eight foot long panorams available for viewing in studio! Thanks for visiting! ken

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