Phase P65+ Surprise

Surprise!  Thanks to Chris Lawery at Capture Integration, I will have a Phase P65+ medium format digital back with me to photograph landscapes in Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly.  Chris knew that I was leaving for Monument Valley.  I know that he spent a  great deal of time and extra effort trying to get my P65+ to me before my trip.  No shameless plug, but the absolute truth—this type of service and attention to detail is exactly why I am a client of Capture Integration.  What’s different about this P65+ back?  This one is Sensor+ enabled. 

The Phase P65+ captures images at its default 60.5 megapixels on its first-ever full-frame medium format sensor.  Sensor+ technology by Phase One allows the photographer to shoot at higher iso speeds utilizing pixel binning, and theoretically with less noise.  The inability to effectively capture images  at higher iso speeds has always been the bane of medium format digital.  At lower speeds, medium format digital far exceeds the quality of a 35mm DSLR.  But at higher iso speeds, DSLRs typically are better performers noise-wise.  Sensor+ technology is at the least a steps towards Phase medium format digital backs performing better at higher iso speeds, and at the very least, offering photographers more flexibility at the flip of a switch.

Phase P65+ with Sensor+ Technology

Phase P65+ with Sensor+ Technology

Sensor+ Technology is a welcome addition.  But the P65+ offers the world’s first full-frame medium format sensor (2.5 times the size of a full-frame 35mm DSLR sensor!) and an astounding 60.5 megapixels.  Unsurpassed quality, dynamic range, and detail is the reason why I chose medium format digital in my boutique studio in Carmel, Ken Doo Photography.   And in this regard, the P65+ is at the top of the hill.  I’ll try my best to provide Sensor+ test images with the P65+, but the purpose of my trip to Monument Valley is to photography landscapes, and shooting full resolution will be the call of the day.  I hope to have more images on display soon and also on my landscape website, House of Landscapes.  I will be meeting up with Don Libby of Iron Creek Photography and we’ll be sure to test the P65+ on Don’s Cambo RS.
More on the P65+ later! 

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