More Thoughts on the Phase P65+

Back in Time. Phase 645AF, Hartblei 45mm t/s, Phase p65+; Nik Silver Efex Antique

Faith. Phase 645AF, Hartblei 45mm t/s super rotator, Phase One P65+; Nik Silver Efex Antique

I was invited by Capture Integration, Phase One Dealer of the Year, to write a guest blog on my impressions with the P65+ digital back and Capture Integration in Carmel 2009.  Rather than repost my thoughts here, it is much easier to simply re-direct your attention to their website, where you can read my posting directly on the Capture Integration guest blog.

Just a quick note, although most have been astute enough to realize, a few of the images that I took with the P65+ which required longer exposures were deliberately taken with less than ideal apertures, e.g. 30 second exposures at f/16 at night, with the intent of pushing the back a bit, and albeit self-imposed, to see how the P65+ would fare under less than ideal conditions—that and getting pretty little stars on the Golden Gate Bridge at night…  ; )    Cleaner long exposure image files are certainly easily possible.    Pixel peeping at the web level is limiting.  To truly appreciate the stunning quality of medium format digital requires seeing the printed image.  And the P65+ is no different.  My understanding from Doug Peterson at Capture Integration is that the P65+ with Sensor+ technology can now shoot at speeds up to 3200!  I look forward to getting more accustomed to the P65+ and testing the Sensor+ technology but apparently a Sensor+ enabled back might not be ready for my trip next month to Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly.   Rumor has it that Don Libby of Iron Creek Photography in Tucson, AZ will be in the area at the same time…  ; )   

I’ll have more updates on my experiences with a Sensor+ enabled P65+ digital back soon.  The detail and quality from the P65+ image files have been amazing, and I look forward to incorporating the P65+ into my studio in Carmel, Ken Doo Photography and with the House of Landscapes.


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