Fabulous Fall Events! Monterey and Beyond…

Not much can be further from fine art portrait or commercial photography than when shooting event photography.  Event photography often requires a solid workflow, fast response, and the ability to deal with large groups of people.  I really enjoy working with people, and consquently, Ken Doo Photography Carmel, CA provides event photography alongside my normal portrait and commercial work.

The most demanding events are those that require printing on location.   An iron-clad workflow is required to seamlessly handle the photography, post-processing, and printing and delivery of mounted images to clients…during the event!  The Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP) hosts their Employee Appreciation Day event every other year.  This event services nearly three thousand employees and their families.  I am one of the few event photographers that has a Kodak Professional ML500 printer, which is capable of producing an 8×10 photo in thirteen seconds on Kodak paper! The CHOMP event is a challenging venue and we really enjoy working with the hospital and with the event coordinators Suzanne and Carol from the DMC Companies.  (As an aside, Suzanne and Carol are the “go-to” event coordinators. See, http://www.dmccompanies.com/ ).

The CHOMP Crew
The CHOMP Crew

 Following each event, we hold an after-action meeting to discuss the event and things that we might incorporate into the workflow to improve services and efficiency even more.  Following the CHOMP event, we added an additional workstation which we were able to test at the Family Day event in Merced.  I have provided event photography for the new University of California at Merced for several years now. The UCM Office of Student Life is great to work with.  

Some of the crew with Office of Student Life Coordinator, Enrique Guzman

Some of the crew with Office of Student Life Coordinator, Enrique Guzman

Long day. Great event!  Notice the change in time from a terribly bright day image to a rather dark evening photo.  The below image was shot with a Canon 5D at 3200 iso, f/3.5 at about a 1/12th of a second. This is a great testament to the low light capabilities of an incredible event camera.

UC Merced Family Day at Night

UC Merced Family Day at Night

The CA State Bar holds its Annual Meeting in Monterey every other year.  This is a great event.  As an attorney I would have never dreamed of appearing before the CA State Supreme Court Chief Justice, Ronald George.  Now here I am photographing the Chief Justice every other year!  (Ok, so I’m not arguing the law, but this is just so much better…)  This is an image of some of the Pro Bono Award recipients.

Pro Bono Awards

Pro Bono Awards

And on another night, the CA State Bar Diversity Awards.

CA State bar Diversity Awards

CA State bar Diversity Awards

 Find out more information on event photography and event printing on location by visiting the main studio website, www.kendoophotography.com or call 831.626.1844.


3 Responses to “Fabulous Fall Events! Monterey and Beyond…”

  1. Ken,

    I think your work is just FABULOUS! But I was wondering…can you make a guy like ME look good too? I’m kinda bulky, have a large forehead, third eye…well…you get the idea. I found a sample portrait on the web. Can you make me look as cool and trendy as this dude?…Don’t toy with my emotions. Be honest.

    -Your dopey friend,


  2. I was in the POOL! It was the POOL!!!

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