Oh, Canada!

The advent of my landscape photography website, www.houseoflandscapes.com marks my first return to shooting landscapes in over seven years.  In July 2008 I spent over a week traveling and hiking through Banff, Jasper, Yoho, and Kootenay National Parks in Canada, and in so doing, also coined the term, “the international house of landscapes!”

I shot the entire trip with medium format digital using my Mamiya 645AFD and a Phase P30 medium format digital back.  I was surprised at how close and “in your face” the beauty of this area was.  The widest lens I had brought with me was a Mamiya 35mm.  Even yet, I found myself shooting mostly panoramic images nearly everywhere I went.

The photography conditions were ideal for me, and at times, the weather seemingly cooperated with winds waning just long enough for me to capture stunning reflections in the icy cold glacier fed lakes before iconic locations and some not so well-known stunning scenery.


I felt blessed to have been able to capture just some of the beauty of this area, and even luckier to have accessed some difficult areas such as Lake O’Hara pictured above. After driving nearly 1500 kilometers, it was time to return home to Carmel, California to do more portrait and commercial photogaphy.  You can see more of my fine art landscape images at www.houseoflandscapes.com, some of which are also on display at Searles Framing, 663 Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey.  kmd.


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